Online Events – Webinars and Roundtables

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The CUC offers and coordinates online events including webinars and roundtables as part of our commitment to help our congregations become more deeply connected, radically inclusive, actively engaged, theologically alive, and spiritually grounded—that’s a reference to the five Aspirations of our vision statement.

You can find upcoming webinars and roundtables on our calendar.

What’s the difference between a roundtable and a webinar?

A webinar, or “Web seminar,” is led by an expert in a particular skill or subject area. Our webinars are usually led by CUC staff and focus on something important to our member congregations, such as charitable status, building healthy congregations, congregational growth, or youth ministry. The goal of a webinar is for the leader to convey information and teach, train, or guide the participants.

A roundtable can be led by anyone, whether or not they’re an expert. The goal is for participants to learn by sharing information and experiences with each other. A roundtable should usually last about 75 minutes. The first 20 minutes can be used for introductions and some content to be the springboard for discussion: maybe a short talk by the leader, a reading, or some slides. The rest of the time is for discussion, with a brief closing at the end.

Can you give me an example of a roundtable?

Maybe you’re looking to overhaul your pledge campaign and would love to hear what people have found successful at other congregations. Propose a roundtable to gather together leaders from across Canada who can share their experiences with pledging and fundraising. Everyone leaves with more information and ideas!

How do I organize a roundtable with the CUC?

It’s pretty simple: we help you set up an online video conference to discuss or workshop your topic, we work with you to promote the roundtable, and, if you want, we help you plan how to lead it. We also propose a format and work with you to pick a date and time. You and the other participants don’t need any special software. You should have a computer with a camera and microphone, and it’s best if participants do too, but they can connect by telephone if necessary.

Who can lead a roundtable?

Anyone can apply to lead a roundtable. It’s especially helpful if you know a bit about the topic you’re leading, or can provide a reading or about 15 minutes of content as a starting point for discussion. If you want a roundtable on a particular topic but don’t want to lead it, we’ll try to find a leader for you.

Why might a proposed roundtable not happen?

If there has recently been a webinar on the same topic, or one is coming up, we might not want to hold a roundtable. Or if you’re asking for a roundtable because you’re hoping to gather specific information, we may already have what you’re looking for. We also consider the time of year and the spacing of roundtables and webinars in scheduling.

I want to propose a roundtable—how do I do it?

Great! To propose a roundtable, please fill out the form below and let us know about the topic, some dates that might work, who you’d like to promote this to, and what support you need from the CUC to make this happen. We’ll be in touch within a few days to get going on the planning!

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