Partners: UU Communities and Connections

Regional Clusters of Congregations

Organization (Click to visit website)
Unitarian Congregations of Greater Toronto
Vancouver Island Unitarian Council
Comité d'organisation du mouvement Universaliste et Unitarien au Québec

Associate Members

Associate Members of the CUC are organizations which have comparable principles or beliefs, engage in similar goals and activities, and enter into a mutual relationship guided by a covenant. See the Associate Members area of the Governance page for more information.

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Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Historical SocietyCUUHS
Canadian Unitarians for Social JusticeCUSJ
Canadian Unitarian & Universalist Women's AssociationCUUWA

Related Organizations

The CUC has informal relationships with these organizations, and according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, only has financial arrangements with the UU-United Nations Office and the International Council of UUs. Canadians can donate to these two international organizations through the CUC and receive tax receipts.

Click to visit a website; hover for a descriptionAbbreviation
Unitarian Universalist Ministers of CanadaUUMoC
Unitarian Universalist Ministers AssociationUUMA
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (USA)UUA
International Council of Unitarians and UniversalistsICUU
CUC & UU-United Nations OfficeUU-UNO
Unitarian Service Committee of CanadaUSC Canada
International Association for Religious FreedomIARF
Unitarian Universalist Partner Church CouncilUUPCC
Unitarian Universalist Retired Ministers and Partners AssociationUURMaPA
Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Universalist AssociationANZUA
General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (UK)
Comité d'organisation du mouvement Universaliste et Unitarien au Québec

For more information about donating to the UU-UNO and the ICUU, contact the CUC office at or call toll-free at (888) 568-5723.

International Partners

The CUC has relationships with regional, national and international organizations which have principles or beliefs comparable to those of the CUC, and which engage in similar goals and activities:

In compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, the CUC has signed agreements with two organizations, whereby the CUC’s charitable purposes are carried out internationally. These organizations are the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists to support leadership development of UUs from around the world at ICUU Conferences, and with the UU-United Nations Office for the Every Child is Our Child Program in Ghana.