Donate to the Growing into the Future Fund
(formerly Friends of the CUC)

Donations to “Growing into the Future” go directly towards the CUC. The funds fuel the CUC’s operating expenses, enabling us to fulfill the mission to grow vital Unitarian Universalist communities, and positions the CUC as a beacon for Unitarian Universalist communities across Canada, providing them with leadership, support and connection as they strive to foster a just and sustainable world and to enrich the spiritual lives of their members. 

Your gift makes it possible to share our message of inclusive faith, of fulfilling our vision which calls us to realize a world of interdependence, love and justice, and to always respect the inherent worth and dignity of each individual. With your support, the CUC will continue to be a beacon of love and faith in the world.

Help us continue to fulfill our vision and mission.

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Donate to Growing into the Future

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