Youth (14-19)

The Canadian Unitarian Council’s youth ministry serves people ages 14–19 in their spiritual, religious, and ethical development. The Unitarian Universalist youth community accepts you as who you are and supports you in your spiritual journey. Here you can find meaningful friendships, an invitation to grow, hope for a more beautiful world, and empowerment to make that world possible. Adult advisors are important partners in youth ministry, holding space for you to learn and grow.

As a teenager, you are part of the life of your congregation. Many congregations also have an active youth group. With people your own age and people of all ages, you can explore your principles and put them into action.

Youth Events

Youth and their adult advisors get together throughout the year at regional and national conferences (cons), retreats, and camps. Youth cons are specifically for teenagers, offering opportunities for leadership, powerful worship, self-exploration, hilarity, and fellowship. They nurture deep bonds of friendship and trust. Multigenerational gatherings have events just for youth and times for people of all ages to come together. All of these help you build community, grow in spirituality, and develop your UU identity. Learn more about youth events!. Youth events are also listed on the CUC events calendar. Choose the category “Youth” to search for youth events.

Casey Stainsby is the CUC’s Youth & Young Adult Program Manager. Contact Casey with any youth event-related inquiries at

Every year, youth and advisors gather for three days of worship, workshops, multigenerational activities, and community building at our national youth conference. Read on for all the details!


Apply for financial support to attend a CUC event, training, or conference. The Dawning Future youth and young adult subsidy helps youth and advisors with registration and travel costs. Applications are reviewed at the start of each month, and must be received at least 3 weeks before the event.


There are three main ways to stay in the loop about upcoming programs and events for youth:  

  1. Follow us on Instagram @yayasofcanada 
  2. Like the CUC Youth & Young Adult Ministry page on Facebook 
  3. Join a regional youth announcement email list: cuc-bc-youth, cuc-western-youth, cuc-central-youth, cuc-eastern-youth 

Check out this extensive list of Facebook groups and regional and national email lists that will keep you in the know about programs across the CUC. 

Resources for youth ministry

Learn how to grow and develop a vibrant, safe, and spiritual youth ministry in your congregation. Grow in your role as an adult advisor and ally. The CUC offers resources and best practices for youth advisors, religious exploration professionals, and congregations.

Youth Ministry Staff

Casey Stainsby is the CUC’s Youth & Young Adult Program Manager. Read Casey’s full bio. Get in touch with her with any questions or ideas related to programs and events! 

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Rev. Danielle Webber
is the Youth & Young Adult Ministry Specialist. Read Danielle’s full bio. Get in touch with them with any questions or ideas related to Youth Ministry within congregations!