CUC Affiliate Partnerships

 The Canadian Unitarian Council may choose to enter into affiliate partnerships with international, national, regional and local organizations, communities and groups that shall be defined as mutually beneficial. partners shall have principles in tune with those of the CUC and be closely related in terms of goals, mandate, and activities.

Affiliates may be existing groups, as well as ones that are created from CUC policy or independently, and through shared interests. These Affiliates shall be in a relationship with the CUC that is governed by a covenant with mutually agreed-upon terms.


The CUC can leverage relationships with other local, regional, national and international UU and other organizations, thereby taking their place in the mosaic of interdependent UU communities.

The CUC and Affiliates make commitments to each other regarding their respective obligations within the relationship. For example, the CUC may offer to promote Affiliate events. The basis any exchange of services will be specified in a formal covenant between the two parties.

The official representatives of CUC Affiliates have the privilege of speaking at (but not voting) the CUC’s Annual General Meetings, on equal standing with voting delegates of member congregations, members of the Board, the Executive Director or designate, ministers of member congregations, retired and community ministers, staff, and CUC’s public accountant.

Supports provided by the CUC to an Affiliate, as determined by the Executive Director on a fair and equitable basis, might include one or more of the following:

  • Listing on the CUC’s website’s on relevant pages;
  • Access to CUC and UUA resource materials;
  • Access to CUC communication mechanisms (postings to listserves, congregational mailings, etc;)
  • Referrals to CUC Staff other volunteer resources;
  • Access to the CUC calendar and participation in CUC events (e.g. access to meeting/display facilities at Fall Gatherings and national conferences).


To become a Partner, the group must satisfy certain criteria:

  • The group has a mission statement and principles consistent with those of the CUC;
  • The group is able to demonstrate, by virtue of historical and future reports and plans, that its actions are consistent with its mission and principles.


  • The group has a clearly defined organizational structure with clearly identified points of linkage to the CUC at both the policy and operational levels.


  • The group must sign a declaration at the time of partnership stating it is not legally connected to the CUC and that the CUC is not responsible for programs, activities, or finances of the group;
  • The group must in no way suggest, in print, word or deed, that it speaks or acts on behalf of the CUC or the Canadian UU movement as a whole.

Financial Policies

  • The group maintains financial records, policies, and practices appropriate to its size and nature of activities;
  • Unless provisions are explicitly made to the contrary, the group will make a direct financial contribution to the CUC sufficient to cover any costs incurred by the CUC on its behalf (e.g. additional office time and expenses).

Safety Policies

  • The group has policies regarding duty of care, safety guidelines for children and youth, volunteer management, accessibility, abuse prevention, and harassment guidelines, and emergency preparedness appropriate to its size and nature of activities. (The group may choose to adopt the CUC’s policies in these areas.)

The initial agreement of partnership shall be for a two-year period; subsequent renewals shall be for a five-year period.  Either party may approach the other to request renewal or dissolution.  This re-assessment process will be coordinated by the CUC’s Executive Director.

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