Task Forces, Study Groups and Committees

From time to time, the Board or Executive Director may establish a task force or an ad hoc or on-going committee to help do their jobs. For example, the Resolutions Advisory Committee was formed to assist congregations and members in working through the resolutions process to bring resolutions to the floor of the AGM.

Current Committees

  • Nominating Committee
  • Lay Chaplaincy Committee
    The National Lay Chaplain Committee supports congregations with their lay chaplaincy program, and liaises with congregations through their local committees. The national committee is responsible for training coordination for lay chaplains, updates in policies and processes, and ensuring timely processing of lay chaplain applications. Contact the committee at lcc@cuc.ca


  • Yvette Roberts, Central Region
  • Bob Armstrong, Eastern Region
  • Anne Coward, Eastern Region
  • Rob Van Wyck, Western Region
  • Mary-Anna Louise Kovar, Western Region
  • Beth McLin, Central Region
  • Minister representative- TBC

Task Forces and Study Groups

Decision-making Exploration Team

The Decision-making Exploration Team was established by the Executive Director in December 2021. Its purpose is to explore viable decision-making processes for use at the CUC’s annual general meetings and special meetings. 

According to the Terms of Reference, the team will:

  • Explore options that might allow for a balance between flexibility and the timely sharing of information with congregations;
  • Consider processes that are inclusive, collaborative and model informed group decision-making;
  • Seek the wisdom of Indigenous and other Elders; and
  • Apply a decolonizing and ethnically diverse lens to their analysis.


  • Robbie Brydon
  • Rev. Danielle Webber
  • William Ward 
  • Juensung Kim 
  • Eric James 
  • Linnea Granberg 

Contact the Decision-making Exploration Team at decision-making@cuc.ca

Polyamory Task Force

The Polyamory Task Force was established in 2018 by the Executive Director to examine polyamory in the context of Canadian Unitarian Universalism, and to develop position statements and resources that will help the CUC and Canadian congregations proceed on this matter.

The Task Force has completed its mandate and submitted CUC Polyamory Task Force Report with recommendations to the Board and Council. The members of the Task Force:

  • Rev. Beckett Coppola, Kingston
  • Margaret Kohr, Toronto
  • Rev. Meghann Robern, Winnipeg
  • Shoshanna Green, Montreal

Contact: executivedirector@cuc.ca

Council Task Forces and Study Groups

The Council, by vote of the delegates at an AGM, may establish a Task Force or Study Group to examine a particular subject. Such a Study Group typically functions for one or two years, presents its report to the AGM, and then either disbands or is formed into a monitoring group dedicated to a specific issue.

Dismantling Racism Study Group

This group was formed by resolution of the 2019 Annual General Meeting to:

  • Identify and assess efforts made in our congregations and communities to dismantle racism and other oppressions; and,
  • Explore possible action plans that will engage Canadian Unitarians and Universalists in serious conversation and action about racism; and
  • Consider how and where a commitment to racial justice might be better woven into our founding documents: our principles and sources, our vision statement, and our aspirations; and,
  • Produce a report that names where racial justice is present in our Canadian Unitarian and Universalist institutions and gathering places  (Report available in the CUC Annual Report for 2019)

The DRSG presented their final report and recommendations to the May 8, 2021 Annual General Meeting.


  • Beverly Horton, Hamilton – Co-chair
  • Rev. Julie Stoneberg, Peterborough – Co-chair
  • Ashlyn Noble, Winnipeg
  • Catherine Strickland, North Shore (BC)
  • Charmaine Ferworn, Mississauga
  • Douglas Ennenberg, Vancouver
  • Pamela Smith-Loeters, Mississauga
  • Tamiko Suzuki, Vancouver

Contact the Study Group at dismantling-racism@cuc.ca 

Some previous Task Forces have included:

  • Lay Chaplaincy Review Task Force
  • National Identity Task Force
  • Resolutions Study Group
  • Active Democracy Study Group

Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada (UUMOC)

Executive committee (contact uumocexec@gmail.com):

  • President – Rev. Samaya Oakley
  • Vice-President – Rev. Karen Fraser-Gitlitz
  • Treasurer – Rev. Ren McFadyen
  • Secretary – Rev. Rosemary Morrison
  • Minister Observer to the CUC Board – Rev. Shana Lynngood