Youth Observers to the Board (YOB)

In 2019, the CUC Board of Trustees created a second Youth Observer to the Board (YOB) position. The Junior YOB will shadow and work with the Senior YOB, and in turn, become the Senior YOB the following year.

Senior Youth Observer: Fiona Butler, Saskatoon
Junior Youth Observer: Linnea Granberg, Thunder Bay

Duties and Responsibilities of the Youth Observers to the Board

The primary purposes of the Youth Observer positions are:

  1. To bring youth perspectives and voices to the CUC Board
  2. To summarize youth issues for the Board
  3. To present Board positions back to Canadian UU youth

Term: beginning in May of each year for two-year terms

Each YOB is elected for a two-year term (beginning and ending in May). Two YOBs serve on the board at a time with overlapping terms.The CUC Board is a Carver policy board, which means that it sets policies, larger picture visions and long-term program goals, which are then the responsibility of the Executive Director to interpret and the CUC staff to carry out. As official observers to the Board, the YOBs are allowed to speak at all board meetings, including the AGM, but do not have voting status.

Overall Responsibilities and Time Commitment

To the CUC Board of Trustees:

  • Attend all face to face Board meetings (a twice a year, approximately five-day commitment with travel & accommodation costs paid for)
  • Attend all Zoom video conferencing Board meetings (approximately 10 per year, 2 hours each)
  • Participate in all Board discussions pertaining to youth and youth issues and concerns
  • Participate in other Board discussions at its discretion
  • Help build agendas for board meetings by bringing youth issues to the attention of the Board Vice-President/Agenda setter
  • Attend relevant portions of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)alternate years in-person/online
  • Present a report to CUC members at the AGM on the YOB’s work over their past term and on the state of Canadian Youth ministry

At CanUUdle:

  • Be visible and active at CanUUdle (all costs of attending are covered)
  • Together with the outgoing YOB, new SR YOB and the CUC YaYA staff person, host a workshop at CanUUdle about the Youth Observer position and youth ministry in the CUC

Ongoing tasks

With support from the CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry staff, the current YOBs will:

  • Continue work on revitalizing the online community of Canadian UU Youth
  • Prioritize bringing CUC Board issues back to Canadian UU youth at CanUUdle and throughout the year via mailings, the CUC website and communications, the Canadian Unitarian Facebook group, @cucyob Instagram account,  etc
  • Run a workshop about their work and CUC governance at CanUUdle and other regional Youth Cons
  • Orient the incoming Junior Youth Observer with the YOB mentor


Online elections will be held in the spring, so that the incoming Junior YOB may be elected in time to attend the CUC AGM (online) and CanUUdle (in person) in May.

Follow CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry on Facebook and @yayasofcanada and @cucyob on Instagram to stay informed about the timeline and application process.

To be eligible to stand for election, all YOB candidates must be:

  • between the ages of 14 – 18 at the time of application
    • while all eligible youth are able to apply, youth who will be in grade 10 or 11 (or the homeschooling equivalent) at the time of the YOB elections, are especially encouraged to consider applying
  • an active participant at a Canadian Unitarian or Unitarian Universalist congregation or fellowship
  • able to attend the CUC AGM and CanUUdle (usually on the Victoria Day long weekend in May) *the elected,  incoming YOB’s registration, travel and accommodation costs are covered by the CUC

Important Consideration:

Board meetings involve a lot of sitting and talking about how concepts (policies) and finances (money) can impact reality (CUC programs, services and supports).  If policy, budgets, and visioning are major turn-offs, this is not the role for you. If these are things you feel comfortable working with or are interested in, then we want to hear from you!

It’s a big commitment! But it’s an important role that gives youth a direct voice to the elected leaders of our movement.  

To apply:

Fill out the application form below!

Direct any further questions to the current YOBs, Fiona and Liv, at or on Instagram at @cucyob

You can also contact the CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry staff – Casey Stainsby at

Youth Observer to the Board Application