Nominating Committee

The CUC’s Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and nominating prospective members of the CUC Board and Nominating Committee. The Committee consists of one member from each of the four geographic regions plus two at-large members.

A Nominating Committee member serves for three years. A Committee member having completed a term of office may be eligible for one additional term of office. A member may serve on the Committee for a maximum of six consecutive years. Having completed such further term, a former Committee member shall not be eligible for election to the Nominating Committee until the expiry of two complete years. For more information, please email

CUC Nominating Committee Report 2022

Region Congregation
Western RegionCarey McDonaldUnitarian Congregation of Guelph
BC RegionLeslie GirodayComox Valley Unitarian Fellowship
Central RegionJulien LeBourdaisUnitarian Universalist
Congregation of Durham
Central/Eastern Region Maury Prevost (Chair) First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
Western Region
Alex SchumacherCalgary Unitarians
BC Region
Lynn ArmstrongVancouver Unitarians
BC/Western RegionMichael DaillyNelson Unitarian Spiritual Centre