The MyceliUUm Youth Network of Canada 

What is MyceliUUm?

“MyceliUUm Youth Network of Canada is a national youth representative body that aims to promote youth engagement and participation in Canadian Unitarian Universalism, to facilitate dialogue about youth issues, and to foster a greater national youth community and presence. We are committed to upholding the Principles of Unitarian Universalism, including the 8th.”

From the mission statement

The MyceliUUm Network is not a traditional committee. We are inspired by the fluidity and interconnectedness of the natural world, and in particular, fungal networks. Mycelium is the name of the thread-like body of a fungus that spreads far and wide underground, and from which mushrooms appear when the conditions are right. The MyceliUUm Network aims to reflect these qualities: deeply interconnected, growing and changing as needed; responding to the environment; omnipresent; and essential to the health of the whole forest (our greater UU movement). 

How Does it Work?

In terms of structure, there are two main components: the MyceliUUm Gatherings, and the Fairy Ring.

The MyceliUUm itself is a large virtual gathering of any UU youth (14-19) and junior youth (12-13) in Canada who would like to attend, as well as their adult supporters (youth advisors, religious educators). These gatherings occur three to four times each year, and last two hours each. Each gathering may include a special activity such as community building, worship, or leadership skills development. These gatherings also provide an opportunity for youth to discuss issues that affect them and organize around these issues.

This year the Fairy Ring is excited about focusing more on other-than-Zoom community building between youth across Canada. Stay tuned to find out what that will look like!

The MyceliUUm Youth Network includes an ongoing virtual community space using Discord. Our Discord server is a private, moderated space that has been designed according to the CUC’s Online Youth Safety Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about the MyceliUUm Discord, please contact

The Fairy Ring (named after the phenomenon of mushrooms growing in a circle) is a smaller group of youth and adult advisors who meet more regularly to plan the MyceliUUm gatherings and to ensure that the ideas that come out of them are followed through on. These positions require a commitment of at least a year, and in the first two years they were selected by the Youth Observers based on an application. This process may be revised in the future.

The current Fairy Ring is: 

Hannah Lee Poy-Paxman (Eastern)
Siobhan Fichnter-Jack (Western)
Lea Bomford-Moore (BC)
Maria Jenkins (Western): Head Adult Advisor
Artemisia Frolic-Smart (Central): Junior Youth Observer to the Board
Eric James (Western): Senior Youth Observer to the Board
Casey Stainsby: CUC Youth & Young Adult Program Manager
Rev. Danie Webber: CUC Youth & Young Adult Ministry Specialist 

How can I get involved?

Attend a MyceliUUm Gathering

The MyceliUUm Network is made up of youth (ages 12-19) and their adult supporters–without you, it doesn’t exist! Attend a gathering to connect with other youth, learn new leadership skills, and take action on issues that matter to you. 

Check out the CUC Calendar of Events to find out when it’s happening next. Click on the event to see the full description and the registration form. 

Join the Discord Server

Youth and adult allies who have registered for and attended a MyceliUUm gathering or another CUC youth event will be invited to the Discord server. 

If you have registered and attended and need a new invitation or help logging on, email

Apply for the Fairy Ring

Interested youth and adults are encouraged to apply for the Fairy Ring! Previous UU organizing experience is not required – we will provide training and learn together as we go! This is a great way to collect volunteer hours for school, learn new skills, and give back to your community.

Watch for applications opening in Spring 2023. 

MyceliUUm on JUUst Breathe Live! 

Eric James, Linnea Granberg and Casey Stainsby were interviewed on the UU youth ministry podcast JUUst Breathe Live in March 2022 about the MyceliUUm Youth Network. 

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