Introduction to Lay Chaplaincy Quiz

The CUC National Lay Chaplaincy Committee is pleased to offer a self-study guide, Intro to Lay Chaplaincy Self Study Guide.

The Self Study Guide can be used by any congregation that is looking to commence a search for a new Lay Chaplain, or that does not have a Lay Chaplaincy Committee and is looking to establish one, or for any person who has any interest in what Lay Chaplaincy is or how the program works.

However, it should be noted that the Self Study Guide and the accompanying Quiz are mandatory steps for those who intend to become Lay Chaplains. The National LayChaplaincy Committee will only approve applicants who have completed the Quiz and obtained a score of 15 out of 15, which requires review and understanding of the Self Study Guide.  We also recommend reviewing our Congregational Lay Chaplaincy Programme Manual.

Pass = 15 out of 15 correct