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The Sharing Our Faith program provides funds for congregational initiatives which enhance ministry, aid congregational projects and outreach, and enhance the Unitarian Universalist movement in Canada. Once a year, congregations are encouraged to hold a “Sharing Our Faith” worship service focused on the UU faith in Canada, with a special collection for the Sharing Our Faith fund. The fund consists of these monies, supplemented by a Foundation Fund administered by the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. The funds are allocated in the form of grants to congregations for growth projects and initiatives.

Sharing Our Faith Worship Services:
In pre-pandemic times, Sharing Our Faith service packages were created and shared with congregations to hold their own services. In 2021 and 2022, national Sharing Our Faith services were held virtually.

  • 2022 service: “Celebration and Contemplation: The Path of an 8th Principle” Coordinated by Revs. Victoria Ingram and Anne Barker, this service recognizes the momentous step that Canadian Unitarian Universalist congregations took in adopting an 8th Principle for “individual and communal action that accountably dismantles racism and systemic barriers to full inclusion in ourselves and our institutions.” Witness how UUs commit to foundational social change to justice in ourselves, our faith community, and our larger society on the CUC’s YouTube channel.
  • 2021 service: “A Faith Worth Failing For” Coordinated by the Revs. Shana Lynngood and Samaya Oakley, the service reflected on ways that we as Unitarian Universalists have fallen short and how we can learn from our mistakes. It can be viewed here on the CUC’s YouTube channel.
  • 2019’s Sharing Our Faith Package 2020, compiled by Rev. Fran Dearman with contributions from Canadian UU ministers, focused on the theme of Making Waves and contains an eclectic collection of reflections, art, readings, and sermons for your congregation’s use in planning. Our seventh principle calls us to respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. The worship materials in the package offer ways for UU congregations to live into that aspiration. Download Organizing a Sharing Our Faith Service: Guidelines for preparing the service and collecting the special offering. Read more about Sharing Our Faith Services.
  • Sharing Our Faith Applications
    UU congregations and communities may apply for grants for growth initiative and projects which enhance ministry, and which contribute to growth and vitality for that congregation and for the UU faith community in Canada. Applicants will usually be either current member congregations, emerging groups, or UU communities. Grant applications are due by March 31 of each year with all required documents. Completed applications can be e-mailed to

    2021 Sharing Our Faith Grants

    Recipient Project Grant Amount
    Unitarian  Church of Calgary Extend outreach through livestreaming and virtual gatherings $4,200.00
    Capital Unitarian Universalist Congregation Create Director of Congregational Life leadership position  $4,200.00
    Kingston Unitarian Fellowship Summer music development program and recording $2,450.00
    Lakehead Unitarian Church Improvements to online services through equipment purchasing $2,000.00
    Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough Extend online reach -through equipment purchase and upgrades $4,200.00
    Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon Physical and online service changes for online ministry/accessibility $4,200.00
    First Unitarian Church of Victoria Purchase and upgrade of audiovisual equipment to improve the quality of in-person and online service $4,200.00

    2020 Sharing Our Faith Grants

    Recipient Project Grant Amount
    Unitarian  Universalist Congregation of Durham  Religious Exploration programs $4,500.00
    Unitarian Congregation of Mississauga Sign replacement  $3,500.00
    Unitarian Church of Edmonton Repurposing of previously granted $5000 $5,000.00

    2019 Sharing Our Faith Grants

    Recipient Project Grant Amount
    Unitarian Church of Edmonton Summer camps for seven weeks  $5,000.00
    Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship Design, creation & implementation of website $2,500.00
    Unicamp of Ontario Renovations to improve accessibility $3,000.00
    Unitarian Church of Vancouver Summer camp: Harry & UU, on water issues $3,000.00
    Westwood Unitarian Congregation Hardware to increase social media & outreach $1,087.00

    2018 Sharing Our Faith Grants:

    Funding SourceFundAmount
    Opening Balance$2,862.63
    CUC – DonationsSharing Our Faith Fund$4,800.00
    First Unitarian Congregation of TorontoFoundation Fund$11,740.00
    CUC 3% admin fee$582.08
    Total to be disbursed$18,820.55
    RecipientProjectGrant Amount
    UU Congregation of DurhamPart-time ministry & family outreach$4,500.00
    UU Fellowship of KamloopsRental of permanent space$4,500.00
    Comox Valley UFSupport staff for outreach to families$4,116.00
    Salt Spring UFDevelopment of religious education program$4,580.00
    Total disbursed$17,696
    Total remaining for 2019$1,124.55

    2017 Sharing Our Faith Grants:

    Funding Source FundAmount
    Opening Balance$3,030.00
    CUC – DonationsSharing Our Faith Fund$8,476.00
    First Unitarian Congregation of TorontoFoundation Fund$7,295.00
    RecipientProjectGrant Amount
    UUEstrie (North Hatley, QC)Outreach$2,300.00
    Unitarian Church of CalgaryBranding and Promotion$3,500.00
    First Unitarian Church of VictoriaCompose music for Latin Vespers, Vesperae pro Serveto, based on UU principles$2,500.00
    Unitarian Congregation of GuelphExploring options for ministry$6,000.00
    Unitarian Fellowship of PeterboroughInterfaith work$3,000.00
    Unitarian Fellowship of LondonSummer day camp for community$1,000.00
    Total disbursed$18,300.00

    2016 Sharing Our Faith Grants:

    AmountFunding SourceFund
    $12,148.00 Opening Balance
    $3,956.68 CUC - DonationsSharing Our Faith Fund
    $0.00First Unitarian Congregation of TorontoFoundation Fund
    $16,104.68 Total
    $2,000.00 Salt Spring IslandReligious Education and Children's Program
    $4,370.00 First Unitarian Congregation of TorontoCommunity Engagement ministry
    $4,934.00 Unitarian Fellowship of Regina2nd year of 2-year consulting ministry
    $3,200.00 Comox Valley Unitarian FellowshipWeekly services and program enrichment
    $1,600.00 Kamloops UnitariansDevelopmental ministry
    $16,104.00 Total

    Previous Projects:

    Since 2001, Sharing Our Faith has awarded over $181,000 to congregations. Initiatives include:

    • Professional ministry
    • Communication, publicity
    • Religious education and music programs
    • Youth programs

    To view Sharing our Faith Grants from 2001 to 2018, download CUC Sharing Our Faith Grants.2001-2018