Victor and Nancy Knight Living Tribute Award

The Victor and Nancy Knight Living Tribute Award is presented at the CUC National Conference, which is held every other year. The award honours the ideals exemplified by the lives and work of Nancy and Victor Knight in furthering the principles of Unitarianism in Canada, and is presented to a living person who has, as a volunteer, contributed at the national level towards furthering these ideals. As an encouragement for others to follow the Knights’ example, an award is made annually from the income of the fund to the recipient. Check below for the notable list of Knight recipients.

Nominate an outstanding Unitarian Universalist for a Knight Award
Nominations may be submitted by any member or friend of a Canadian UU congregation and must be accompanied by a citation describing what the nominee has done at the national level to promote the Unitarian Universalist principles in Canada and why they should be considered for the award. Retiring members of the CUC board and CUC employees are not eligible for nomination until a minimum of five years after their departure. The citation should be at least 200 words in length and may be submitted by email to John Hopewell at If you would prefer to mail your nomination in, please email John for his mailing address.

Nominations must be received by February 28th in conference years.

In 2020, the award was presented by Kim Hunter to Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed

Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed

The Nancy and Victor Knight Living Tribute Award was created in 1961 and revived in 1995,  to recognize individuals who have furthered the principles of Unitarianism Universalism and Liberal Religious principles in Canada.  

The 2020-2021 recipient easily meets that standard.

As an author and speaker, he has challenged us to confront racism in our denomination and society and to grow into a more diverse and truly inclusive religion. As a religious leader, he has inspired us with the intelligence of his thought and the depth of his compassion. As a leader in our Canadian denomination, his patience, wisdom and non-anxious presence helped bring about a new era in the CUC.

The 2020-21 recipient of the Knight award is the Reverend Mark Morrison-Reed.

In the 1990s, while a co-minister in Toronto, Mark played a critical role serving as facilitator between the CUC and the UUA as discussions began regarding the autonomy of the CUC.  As the meetings became more formal, Mark was appointed to the CUC negotiating team. 

Herman Boerma -a past CUC President and Knight recipient described Mark as having a “ calming influence”  that “ kept the conversation on point and amicable.”   He had credibility with the representatives of both sides of the border. 

As a  member of that negotiating team,  and as President of the CUC at that time, I can personally attest to Mark’s calming influence. But to be fair, while calm, Mark’s commitment to setting the CUC on a new path was fierce and passionate.

Brian Kiely, also a Knight, recalls Mark standing at the 2002 CUC Annual Conference and Meeting (ACM) crying freely as the overwhelming majority of delegates voted to approve the separation process in principle.

In 2001 Mark became CUC President and used his terms to complete the autonomy process and help start the CUC on its new path thereby furthering UU principles in Canada.

Throughout his career, Mark has written several books on matters of race and spiritual integration.  As a CUC volunteer, he undertook a 2012 survey of Canadian Unitarian congregations on diversity and brought the results to the membership in the Keynote speech at the 2013 CUC Annual Meeting, entitled Radical Inclusion.  I re-read his keynote this morning, and the message and challenge it includes is relevant more than ever today. 

In 2020 Mark was a volunteer member of the CUC Black Lives Matter Roundtable. His work on diversity and race pushed the boundaries of our understanding of Unitarian principles challenging Canadians to live our religious ideals.

I am told that Mark also led by example among his colleagues in the UU Ministers of Canada, bringing that same thoughtful perspective to their deliberations.  He co-led that organization through a powerful extended workshop confronting racism and privilege. 

My grandmother Nancy Knight knew Mark and I can say without any doubt at all, that she would be thrilled to see him being honoured by this award which is given in her name and in the name of my grandfather. 

Mark has exemplified the ideal of furthering Unitarianism in Canada by prodding us with his ideas while still comforting us with his compassion, humour and love. 

Mark, thank you for all you have done for Unitarianism and Universalism in Canada.

2020Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed
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