Youth (14-19)

The Canadian Unitarian Council’s youth ministry serves people ages 14–19 in their spiritual, religious, and ethical development. The Unitarian Universalist youth community accepts you as who you are and supports you in your spiritual journey. Here you can find meaningful friendships, an invitation to grow, hope for a more beautiful world, and empowerment to make that world possible. Adult advisors are important partners in youth ministry, holding space for you to learn and grow.


Young Adults (18 – 35)

Welcome Young Adults!

sitting group of young adults

Whether you’re active in a congregation or feeling disconnected, raised in this faith or recently arrived, engaged in leadership or trying to find a place to share your gifts – you are welcome here!

We know that young adulthood can be a time of transition, and that the 18-35 age range includes lots of different life stages. You may be going to school, moving out or moving away, starting a new job, dating, partnering, or becoming a parent – or some combination of all of that. Our young adult ministry seeks to meet you where you are, supporting you and learning from and with you. We value your voice and welcome your contributions to Unitarian Universalism and our larger society.

There are many ways to connect with other young adults – online, through regional and national events, retreats, camps, and more! Explore this page to find out how you can engage and grow with other Unitarian Universalists.