New Member Welcome to the Canadian Unitarian Council

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The Canadian Unitarian Council welcomes you to your local Unitarian Universalist congregation, and to the wider community of Unitarians and Universalists in Canada.

Find out more about what it means to live your deepest values out loud in our “We Are Canadian Unitarian Universalists” video.

What is the Canadian Unitarian Council?

Your local congregation is part of a wider family of Canadian Unitarian and Universalist congregations, fellowships, and communities in Canada. These make up the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC), the national association of member congregations. The CUC, as the national office, is a voice for our vibrant, liberal faith community, within the interfaith community in Canada, and within the international UU community.

As a member of your congregation, by extension, you also have a relationship with the CUC.

What does the CUC do?

The CUC’s small but dedicated staff team, provides engagement with and support for congregations and UU leaders across the country, fostering growth, vitality, and resilience. This support and engagement include board governance, financial sustainability, professional church staff transitions, lifespan religious exploration, youth and young adult engagement, spiritual growth, social justice, refugee sponsorship, truth and reconciliation with Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and more.

Full details about CUC programs and resources are available on the website, especially in the Congregations and Leaders and Events sections.

For more about how the CUC supports congregations, read When to Contact the CUC.

How is the CUC managed?

The CUC is governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected at each Annual General Meeting by delegates. The Board is accountable to the member congregations and reports at least annually to them, with additional communications throughout the year.

The CUC’s Board of Trustees is elected at the Annual General Meeting, attended by delegates from congregations across the country. The Board is responsible for governing the organization and sets long term visions and goals and monitors the

Find out more about how the CUC is governed.

CUC Events

The CUC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in May each year. Business is conducted, resolutions and budgets are passed, and the Board of Trustees is elected and sworn in. The AGM has full virtual participation capabilities.

Every other year, the CUC’s National Conference is held at a different location across the country. This biennial event brings together UUs of all ages to learn, laugh, worship and share meals together. Each conference is focused on a different theme.

Regional gatherings take place in the spring or fall in the four CUC regions – British Columbia, Western, Central and Eastern. These gatherings are on a smaller scale and are mainly focused on UUs in each region.

These national and regional gatherings are wonderful opportunities for meeting, connecting with, and sharing spiritual time with other Unitarians.

Trainings, Workshops and Webinars

In addition to the national and regional gatherings, the CUC staff team regularly holds trainings and workshops on topics and issues of interests to Unitarian Universalists. These are held in person and online and have covered topics ranging from nurturing leadership and conflict management to visioning and worship growth.

Other training and discussions take place online, and have included a diverse range of topics, e.g. board roles and responsibilities, nurturing leaders, and young adult conversations.

All event information can be found on the CUC Events Calendar.

Weddings, Memorials and More

The CUC has ministers and trained lay leaders (called lay chaplains) to be with you through the most significant moments in your life, from weddings to births and deaths, and almost everything in between. Find our more at Celebrations and Memorials.

Associate Relationships

Beyond Unitarians and Universalists in your local community and Canada, there are UUs all over the world – from the United Kingdom to Africa, and the Philippines to India.

The CUC has relationships with international organizations, to help further the work of growing vital Unitarian communities. Some of those organizations are:

Become Connected and Involved

Joining a new group can be overwhelming, almost like learning a new language or becoming immersed in a different culture. Here are some quick suggestions that might help jump-start that process:

  • sign up to receive your congregation’s newsletter
  • get involved in a group or two that you’re curious about or want to contribute towards
  • sign up for the CUC’s eNews – this will plug you into news and events on a national and regional level.
  • attend an in-person gathering – a great way to meet other UUs and get a glimpse into the lives of other congregations
  • register for an online webinar or roundtable – meets other UUs virtually and be part of discussions on a wide variety of topics

The CUC office is located in Toronto and can be reached toll-free at 1-888-568-5723.

Questions about the CUC? Email

Welcome to the Canadian Unitarian Council.