New to Youth Cons?

Read on for advice from youth on what to expect at your first con, and how the experience will change you – for the better!

Check out our CanUUdle video to see what cons are like:

What youth have said about CanUUdle – our annual national youth con:

“I have been to my share of conferences but I have never experienced one quite like this – from the first moment I felt loved and welcomed.”

“Nothing could ever take away this amazing feeling of tender-heartedness that the UU community gives me. I have such a deep love for everyone I met at CanUUdle!”

“I could not have asked for a better group of people to support me in bridging and cross the bridge with. Thank you for the best experience of my UU youth.”

“This past weekend has reaffirmed all of the reasons why I am proud to call myself a Unitarian Universalist.  Though my UU family is spread near and far I know that you are all there for me whenever I need to talk.”

“I spent my time with amazing youth from all across Canada. They showed me their talents, their intelligence, and most importantly their love. Thank you for making it feel so good to be alive.”

“People who don’t think you can love someone you’ve just met and only known in person for a weekend, have obviously never been to a UU conference.”

“Everyone was so loving and people got to be themselves with no strings attached. It was incredible. I lost my voice many times and have only gotten 1 hour of sleep in the past 35 hours. I have no regrets.”

“It’s the only place on earth I’ve found that I feel safe to laugh, cry and expose my feelings without anybody judging me or looking at me differently”

Advice from youth leaders about attending your first CanUUdle Youth Con:

“I was super nervous going to my first one but that didn’t last long. Everyone is so kind, warm and welcoming. You meet some of the most incredible people and form such strong bonds with others all around Canada. Some of whom become the most important people in your life.”

“For me going to CanUUdle was like entering a new world! At the time I was used to high school where everyone split into groups and didn’t really connect with each other. Imagine my surprise to see everyone sharing stories and helping each other. To me CanUUdle is a utopia of friendship and love and it changed my life for the better, helping me break out of my shell and becoming who I am today. I will never forget the older youth who helped my on my journey. So I say to you nUUbies don’t sweat it, there’s something for everyone here no matter how big or how small – there’s always something.”

“It’s not as scary as you think, but it’s still nerve-racking as meeting many new people is. But it is all worth it when you are missing your CanUUdle BFF’s a week later. CanUUdle is a great community experience that really broadens your views on life, UU youth and Unitarianism. Some advice: sleep the first night because you won’t be sleeping too much the other two nights!!”