CUC Board of Trustees

The CUC Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the organization in the best interests of the ownership, the member congregations of the CUC. The Board has adopted the Carver model of policy governance and governs through the setting and monitoring of appropriate Board policies.

The Board, together with the Executive Director and Official Observers, meet face-to-face several times a year, and regularly by teleconference.

Top Row: Yvette Salinas, Eric James, Joanne Green, Rev. Shana Lynngood
Middle Row: Rev. Debra Faulk, Margaret Wanlin, Kiersten Moore, Chuck Shields
Bottom Row: Rev. Rodrigo Emilio Solano-Quesnel, Artemisia Frolic-Smart
Not pictured: Margaret Kohr

President Chuck Shields Eastern Region
Vice-President Margaret Kohr Central Region
Treasurer Joanne Green Western Region
Secretary Kiersten Moore BC Region
Rev. Rodrigo Emilio Solano-Quesnel Central Region
Margaret Wanlin Western Region
Rev. Debra Faulk BC Region
Yvette Salinas Eastern Region
Jr. Youth Observer Artemisia Frolic-Smart
Sr. Youth Observer Eric James
Minister Observer Rev. Shana Lynngood
Executive Director Vyda Ng

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