CUC Board of Trustees

The CUC Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the organization in the best interests of the ownership, the member congregations of the CUC. The Board has adopted the Carver model of policy governance, and governs through the setting and monitoring of appropriate Board polices.

The Board, together with the Executive Director and Official Observers, meet face-to-face several times a year, and regularly by teleconference.

2018 Board of Trustees

Back row, left to right: Jane Ebbern (Calgary, Alberta), Kiersten Moore (Vancouver, BC), Michael Riess (Victoria, BC), Rev. Debra Thorne (New Westminster, BC)
Front row, left to right: Carole Cumming-Speirs (Montreal, QC), Tanya Cothran (Toronto, ON), Margaret Wanlin (Thunder Bay, ON), Rev. Rodrigo Solano-Quesnel (Toronto, ON). Not shown: Chuck Shields (Ottawa, ON)


Title EmailCongregations
PresidentJane Ebbernpresident-board@cuc.caUnitarian Church of Calgary
Margaret Wanlinmargaret@cuc.caLakehead Unitarian Congregation
TreasurerTanya Cothrantanyar@cuc.caFirst Unitarian Congregation of Toronto
SecretaryKiersten Moorekiersten@cuc.caUnitarian Church of Vancouver
Carol Cumming-Speirscarol@cuc.caUnitarian Church of Montreal
Michael Riessmichael@cuc.caCapital Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Rev. Rodrigo Emilio Solano-Quesnelrod@cuc.caUnitarian Universalist Church of Olinda
Chuck Shieldschuck@cuc.caFirst Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
Youth Observer
Maya Jamesyob@cuc.caYouth Observer, First UU Church of Winnipeg
Minister Observer
Rev. Debra Thorneminister@cuc.caMinister Observer, Beacon Unitarian Church
Executive DirectorVyda

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