Theological Education Funds

Donate to the Theological Education Fund

These bursaries, funded by the Percy Simpson Bailey Fund, from donations from the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto’s Rouff/Mackie-Jenkins Trust, and by special collections at ordinations and installations, are intended to further the cause of Unitarian and Universalist (UU) theological education in Canada by supporting:

  • UUs in Canada with expenses incurred annually by studying for the Ministry;
  • Canadian UU ministers with continuing education expenses; and
  • Canadian UU congregations who wish to support an intern minister.

Bursaries are awarded based on financial need. An individual may receive a bursary up to three times in each category (three times for a student and three times for a minister).

The bursary recipients for 2023 are Rev. Meghann Robern,  Lori Turner-Otte and Janet Pivnick.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Canadian citizenship or non-citizen currently working or studying in Canada;
  • Aspirant or Candidate status with the Unitarian Universalist Association;
  • Be in active study for the ministry or recognized internship;
  • Financial need


  • Minister serving a Canadian congregation or community ministry in Canada;
  • Preliminary or Full Fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association;
  • Plan to pursue continuing education that is not (fully) covered by your employer;
  • Financial need


  • Have not had an intern in the last three years OR are having difficulty supporting an intern due to cost;
  • Follow recommendations of the Unitarian Universalist Association Internship Manual;
    • Commitment to meeting at least the monthly stipends;
    • Supervision by a minister in final fellowship with the UUA;
    • Have identified individuals to serve on an internship supervision committee;
    • Have a board or congregational vote supporting their application;
  • Be in good standing with the CUC;
  • May apply singly or in partnership with another congregation.


Download the Theological Education Fund Bursary Application Form (Word)

Please complete the section in the form that is relevant to you (Students, Ministers, or Congregations), and include additional the documents noted in your section. The deadline to apply is March 31 of each year. You may submit your application by e-mail to or by mail to:

Theological Education Fund
Canadian Unitarian Council
@Centre for Social Innovation
302-192 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

Any information submitted will be treated as confidential. Only the Theological Education Fund committee and relevant CUC staff will have access to it. Only the names, congregations, and award amounts for successful applicants will be publicized.

Students in aspirant or candidate status who are enrolled in a Master of Divinity degree program leading to fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist minister are also eligible to apply for scholarships from the UUA.