Religious Exploration

Unitarian Universalists do not share a single set of beliefs or understandings, and so our gatherings offer plenty of opportunities for discussion and learning. These take place both in informal groups and in organized religious exploration (RE) programs for members of all ages. RE programs are often offered for specific age groups, but sometimes people of different ages meet together. Some of our larger congregations have staff who help develop and lead these programs, while in smaller ones members may do this.

multigen lunch Children. Many people come to our congregations looking for a community to support them in rearing kind, caring, and resilient children. Our programs focus on fostering children’s sense of justice, wonder, and connection. Children’s programming is usually offered on Sunday mornings and seeks to engage children of all abilities and learning styles. Some congregations also have
a nursery for the youngest members of the community.


Religious Exploration youth
Maybe you want to connect with other teenagers who are also exploring ideas of justice and community, or maybe you’d rather participate in mixed-age groups. Either way, we respect your capacity and integrity, and we’re here to support you. Explore our youth programming.



RE Young asultsYoung adults. If you’re in your twenties or thirties, you may be furthering your education, getting started on your working life, exploring new relationships, or beginning a family. Congregations with young adult programs help you connect with others who share your affirming values, seek meaning and integrity in relationships, and strive to live meaningful lives. Explore our programming for Young Adults.


RE Adults
Unitarian Universalists believe that learning and exploring are a lifelong adventure. No matter our age, we are always discovering more about ourselves and the world around us. Adult programs bring us together to explore a variety of themes and topics, including how to confront injustice, develop and live out our values, and navigate the joys and sorrows of growing older.




Find resources to help you start or strengthen your congregation’s RE programs on our RE resource page.