Celebrations and Memorials

Lay chaplain at weddingWeddings, funeral and memorial services, child dedications, house blessings, and other ceremonies mark important passages in our lives. Each of these ceremonies should be designed specifically for you and your loved ones, so that you can include the elements which are meaningful for you.

Unitarian Universalist lay chaplains are trained to listen to your wishes and hopes for your ceremony. Together, you and the lay chaplain will define the elements you want in your rite of passage and work together to create a personal and memorable event.

To find a lay chaplain in your area, email lcc@cuc.ca or explore the website of a Unitarian Universalist congregation near you. In the Toronto area, check out the First Unitarian Toronto Officiants website.

If you are looking for ideas and suggestions for a ceremony, visit Ceremonies: Marking the Moments that Matter. Created by Amanda Tarling, a lay chaplain with Capital UU Congregation in Victoria, and Liz James, the site offers templates and samples of a wide variety of rituals and rites of passage: weddings and memorial services, celebrations of elders and people about to give birth, blessings for pets, bicycles, and homes, and much more. It draws on UU traditions and principles, but all are welcome to use it.

Get more information about some of our more commonly requested ceremonies: Weddings, Memorials and Funerals, Child Dedications and Honouring Life Transitions.