Starting a New UU Group

Are you seeking to create a Unitarian Universalist group in your community?

Starting a new UU groupMaybe you’re just beginning to look for like-minded people and explore the idea of founding a UU group—or maybe your group is ready to apply to join the Canadian Unitarian Council as a full member congregation! Whatever stage you’re at, your first step should always be to reach out to the Canadian Unitarian Council’s director for congregational life for your region. CUC staff can walk with you throughout the process, wherever it may take you.

If you’re just beginning. If there is no UU group in your area, we strongly recommend that, as well as contacting us, you reach out to the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) for interim support. The CLF is a Unitarian Universalist congregation without boundaries, whose members live all over the world. As well as conducting worship services and ministries online, the CLF provides worship resources to small congregations through the Faith Rocket program.

If you’ve gathered a group. As you develop and organize yourselves, the CUC’s Congregational Life staff can provide a varietyStarting a new UU group of resources. As well as direct support and advice, we may be able to connect you with similar groups, so that you can share energy and inspiration. We might also put you in touch with an established congregation that can provide practical support until you’re ready to operate on your own.

If you’re ready to join the CUC. Familiarize yourself with the CUC’s bylaws, and especially the privileges and responsibilities of member congregations. Congregational Life staff and all your fellow Canadian UUs are ready to welcome you!

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