New Religious Educators

Are you a new religious educator? Welcome!

cuure group of religious educatosHere are our top ten pieces of advice:

  1. Join the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and subscribe to its mailing list.
  2. Join the Canadian UU Religious Educators (CUURE), the Canadian chapter of LREDA. Please fill out the form below.
  3. You’ll be added to the CUC’s email list for religious educators—introduce yourself there and connect with your colleagues!
  4. Connect with the CUC directors for congregational life for your region:
    • Central and Eastern: Rev. Linda Thomson,, 905-332-3851
    • BC and Western Regions: Rev. Anne Barker,, 416-489-4121
  5. Check out the Professional Learning Units for Staff (PLUS) program of the UUA, which is designed for new congregational staff.See if your congregation has a copy of The R.E. Road Map. Although a bit dated (published in 2003), it’s a useful collection of resources and samples for administering and enriching an RE program. If you don’t have a copy, you can buy a PDF from the author.
  6. Take advantage of educational webinars offered by the CUC and by the UUA’s Faith Development Office. You can attend them live or read and watch transcripts and recordings.
  7. Attend your regional gatherings, LREDA’s fall conference, and the national CUC Conference and CUURE Days whenever you can!
  8. Love the people, love what you do, watch your hours, foster healthy boundaries, maintain your own spiritual practice, find balance, and connect with your colleagues.