Connect and Deepen

We are hardwired to connect with others. It is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. 

~ Brene Brown

Connect and Deepen is an online community for adults interested in meaningful discussion, connection and reflection. Our small group is a welcoming space that encourages spiritual and philosophical exploration. Monthly meetings begin with a time for reflection before moving into a guided conversation about the chosen theme. 

We examine a wide range of topics from the importance of play and finding joy to living UU values in our daily lives. Our connections with each other deepen through the thoughtful exchange of ideas and the sharing of personal insights.

All are welcome! We invite you to join us If you are:

  • exploring spirituality outside of a traditional religious communities, 
  • looking for a UU connection but do not have an accessible congregation nearby, 
  • part of a local UU congregation and looking for additional opportunities for meaningful connections.

Find program descriptions, dates, and other information on our events calendar.