Honouring Life Transitions

OPening bud- transtionA human life is sacred
It is sacred in its being born
It is sacred in its living
It is sacred in its dying

Many individuals in today’s culture experience a need to mark transitions that occur throughout life, and they want assistance in creating and carrying out a meaningful and personalized ceremony or ritual.

Divorce Ceremonies

The end of a partnership is also a beginning. Whether you and your former partner hope to remain friends, or whether that is no longer possible, we can help you and those you care about recognize the significance of this event in your life. Let’s create closure and a constructive path for the future.

Contact us at: lcc@cuc.ca

Transition Ceremonies

Other ceremonies and rituals can be co-created for transitions such as:

  • Coming Out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, two-spirited, questioning
  • A significant anniversary/renewal of vows
  • Coming of age and special transitions, for whichever age you deem or stage of life as significant
  • A miscarriage or loss of infant life
  • Graduation
  • New Home Blessings
  • Moving in or moving out with someone
  • The loss of a pet
  • The end of a friendship or relationship
  • The end of a career or retirement

Please feel free to discuss your special needs with one of our lay chaplains. You will find us open and responsive to your concerns. Please contact us at: lcc@cuc.ca