Dismantling Racism

Racism robs us all of community and connection. For those who experience its effects directly, racism profoundly affects health and well-being, impacts educational experiences, and diminishes opportunity. In order to create loving communities we must work together to end the suffering caused by racism, beginning with ourselves and our faith and moving out to our communities. 

What we are doing: 

Establishing a group to study racism within our communities

The Dismantling Racism Study Group was established in 2019 to identify efforts in our congregations to dismantle racism and other oppressions and then to explore possible actions we can take to address racism in our communities. Learn more about their work. 

Opening discussions on racial issues

In response to worldwide protests following the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, the CUC hosted a roundtable event with three prominent Canadian Unitarian Universalists to discuss the impacts of racism.  This roundtable became the first of many conversations, workshops and roundtables offered by the CUC and its congregations as we work to address systemic racism in ourselves and in our communities.  Visit our events page to find out about upcoming opportunities. 

CUC statements

Resources for Education and Reflection

With the assistance of the Dismantling Racism Study Group and the Social Justice team, the CUC has collected resources for further education and reflection around the issues of racism.