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The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU@UN) is the Unitarian Universalist Association’s representative at the UN. The UU@UN is a membership organization of individuals, congregations and institutions in the United States and Canada dedicated to achieving a democratic world community. It is committed to peace, freedom and environmental responsibility, as well as social, civil and economic justice for all.

The Unitarian Universalist Association holds official consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This enables UU delegates to attend UN conferences and summit meetings, submit position papers to ECOSOC bodies, and participate on NGO committees to affect policy concerning UN business. Further, the UUA’s status as a Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organization (DPI/NGO) allows UU@UN members to attend the Annual DPI/NGO Conference in September, Thursday morning briefings in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, and use the DPI/NGO Resource Center and the Dag Haamarskjold Library.

For more information on the UU@UN, please go to the UUA’s United Nations Page.

The CUC, in partnership with the UU@UN, is moving forward in United Nations activities. The CUC has a CUC-UN Advisory Council to provide policy advice to the CUC on United Nations activities, and to coordinate the activities of envoys for congregations. These forward-looking initiatives are a result of the CUC – UU@UN Partnership Agreement renewed in 2017.

CUC – UN Advisory Council

The CUC-UN Advisory Council creates policy on UN activities among Canadian congregations, and supports the CUC in developing and strengthening the network of UN envoys in congregations, and in its UN and UU@UN related outreach and communication to constituents, donors and others.

Read the Terms of Reference for the CUC-UN Advisory Council. The New CUC-UNO Advisory Council has been formed, and is looking for more participation and membership. Please contact for more information.

UU@UN and CUC Partnership Agreement

The UU@UN and the CUC signed a partnership agreement in April 2011, which was necessitated by shifts in the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and UU@UN relationship and their subsequent merger. This, in turn, has an impact on how UU@UN work is carried out in Canada, hence the CUC and UU@UN partnership agreement.

The main points under the CUC – UU@UN agreement are:

  • The UUA assumes governing power for the UU@UN in the US; the CUC assumes governing power over UU@UN activities in Canada within the UUA context.
  • The CUC has a staff person designated to Canadian participation in UU@UN.
  • All communication from UU@UN to Canadian constituents, envoys and donors goes through the CUC.
  • The UU@UN has an Advisory Board which helps the UU@UN department of the UUA in making policy decisions. The CUC is represented by two members on this Advisory Board.
  • The CUC has set up the Canadian UU@UN Advisory Council which provides the CUC with policy and operational advice on UN initiatives in Canada, priorities, the roles of envoys, etc.
  • All Canadian contributions to UU@UN will be received by the CUC and sent to the UU-UNO office twice a year. 25% will be retained by the CUC for Canadian priorities within the UU@UN framework.
  • The CUC has a specific agreement, which meets Canada Revenue Agency requirements for charities operating outside Canada, with the UU@UN to support leadership development opportunities through UU@UN, with specific focus for Black, Indigenous, people of colour, and those living with disabilities and mental health challenges.
  • The agreement is reviewed and updated annually.

Donations to the UU@UN

Canadian donations can be made in the following ways:

  1. On-line donations by individuals or congregations can be made on this page. Choose the appropriate fund. A tax receipt will be sent automatically.
  2. Cheques can be sent to the CUC office, with UU@UN in the subject line, at 302-192 Spadina Ave | Toronto ON M5T 2C2
  3. Through your congregation’s special collections: i) If you would like the CUC to issue tax receipts directly to donors, your treasurer or admin should mail the cheques to the CUC office (these should be made out to Canadian Unitarian Council with UU@UN in the memo line). If cash has been collected, total the amount collected and make cheque payable to the CUC, with UU@UN in the memo line;
  4. ii) If your congregation is issuing the tax receipts, please send one cheque of the total collected to the CUC office with the names and emails/mailing addresses of the donors. The UU@UN Office would like this information to acknowledge the donors.

For Envoys and UNO Friends

The CUC-UN component of the UU@UN needs to maintain an accurate idea of the number of UNO envoys in our congregations, and level of interest in UNO activities. Please help us out contacting if you are an envoy, or are interested in being an envoy.

Communications and Staying in Touch
To communicate with other Canadian UNO supporters and envoys, you can join the email group by sending an email to

Upcoming UN Events

Please refer to the UUA UNO site for events, dates and activities, and check out their Facebook page.

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