CUC MonthChalice - stained glass

CUC Month is held every year in February. One of the CUC’s activities during this month is to post a daily CUC fact on the CUC Facebook page.
These were the questions and answers for 2019:

Q: What two congregations have friendly ongoing banter going about who was here first in Canada?
A:  Unitarian Church Montreal and Halifax

Q: Which CUC staff member has walked 1168 feet above the ground?
A: Ahna Di Felice, CUC Organizational Administrator

Q: Name at least 3 recipients of the Knight Award for outstanding contributions to our national UU community.

Q: Name CUC’s first ever Shining Lights Award recipient
A: First Unitarian Church of Hamilton in 2018

Q: Who was the first President of the CUC Board?
A: Rev. Charles Eddis.

Q: What is a Y.O.B and who is our current YOB?
A: Youth Observer to the Board, who represents the youth voice and is the conduit between the youth and the CUC Board. The YOB for 2018-2019 is Liv Gardner from the First UU Church of Winnipeg.

Q: In what year and where did the first CUC Annual Meeting take place?
A:   A meeting of Canadians met on May 14, 1961 in Boston, where they “brought the Canadian Unitarian Council formally into existence,” elected a board, and made some early decisions.  This was the founding meeting of the CUC. The first annual meeting of the CUC was in May 1962 in Toronto.

Q: Name three Unitarians who have received the Order of Canada.
A: Bonnie Cappucino, Fred Cappucino, Michael Clague, Murray Enkin, Ted Harrison, Crawford S. (Buzz) Holling, Elinor Gill Ratcliffe.

Q: What original Universalist churches still exist in Canada?
A: Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax, Unitarian Universalist Church of North Hatley (UUEstrie), Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda.

Q: When was the lay chaplaincy program established and by whom?
A: In 1970 by Rev. Philip Hewett. It happened at the time that the CUC took over licensing of ministers in Canada.

Q: What is UUMOC?
A: The Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada is the professional association of all Unitarian Universalist ministers in Canada. It is a chapter of the UU Ministers Association (UUMA) and is a partner of the CUC.

Q: Who was the first Executive Director of the CUC?
A: Kathleen Hunter.

Q: Who was the first woman President of the CUC Board?
A: Mary Lu MacDonald, the fourth President, from 1970-72.

Q: What is the longest running youth event in Canada?
A: The Western Regional Fall Gathering Youth Con

Q: What is Chorus?
A: The national con for Canadian UU young adults, aged 18-35! Chorus is happening just outside Calgary in May, 2019, which will be its third year as an annual event.

Q: The Edict of Torda advanced: A) rejection of the dogma of the Trinity; B) religious tolerance; or C) human rights in the 1500s
A: B

Q: The first Unitarian service in Edmonton occurred in 1912. Where was the gathering?
A: The Blue Room Tea House

Q: What is significant about Rev. Fidelia Gillette?
A: In 1888 she was called by the First Universalist Society in the County of Prince Edward (Ontario), she was likely the first ordained woman to serve as a minister of a congregation in Ontario (likely in Canada too).

Q: On January 7th, 1844, what event happened in Halifax?
A: The Universalist Congregation had their first worship service in their own, recently completed building.

Q: When was the first Flaming Chalice, as a representation of Unitarianism, used?
A: The flaming chalice was first used by artist Hans Deustch in the 1940s as a symbol for the newly founded Unitarian Service Committee. The USC was founded in Boston to assist Eastern Europeans, among them Unitarians as well as Jews, who needed to escape Nazi persecution.  The flaming chalice design was made into a seal for papers and a badge for agents moving refugees to freedom. In time it became a symbol of Unitarian Universalism all around the world. Read more about the Flaming Chalice.

Q: When provincial censuses were conducted in 1851, which of the two strands of our tradition (Unitarian or Universalist) counted 7,000 adherents?
A: Universalist! The same censuses counted 1,200 Unitarians.

Q: Who first proposed the idea of having a CUC month?
A: Rev. Frances Deverell

Q: What did the CUC pretend to change the theme of last year’s conference to as an April Fool’s joke?
A: The Royal Wedding

Q: What program was developed by a partnership of theUnitarian Universalist Association and the US-based United Church of Christ?
A: Our Whole Lives, OWL