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Director of Family Ministries (DFM)

A Real Change Agent Sought!
Fair Compensation; Full-Time available;
Other arrangements possible* 

Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair (UUCM)
67 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey, 07042

 Job Description: Under the supervision of Co-Minister Scott Sammler-Michael, the Director of Family Ministries (DFM) will provide leadership for the Family Ministry for all ages, with a focus on the Spiritual Development of Children. Our program needs to be revisioned, so we will ask our new DFM to assist us with the institutional transformation required to dream, design, staff, socialize, run, evaluate and reform all our Family Ministries, with a focus on our ministries to children and their families. Major areas of responsibility: program evaluation and design, administration, curriculum selection and development, volunteer inspiration and recruitment, and instructional oversight. The DFM will have some responsibilities providing pastoral and worship support, as agreed upon by the DFM and Minister in relationship. Additionally, the DFM will be tasked with championing the congregation’s unique family ministry (FM) identity and mission. A Director who serves from a distance as a “top-level consultant and change agent” is one possibility we will consider, so long as some “on-site presence” is part of the package. We ask for a commitment of 2-4 years to really get our program transformed and running with power. There is a potential for the right candidate to stick around beyond that time as well.

 Volunteer Opportunities:

Please check back for upcoming volunteer opportunities with the CUC.