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Job description: Canadian Content Curation and Coordination –  September 2020

Contract Position: 3-6 months

The Canadian Unitarian Council desires to have content that is specifically Canadian in scope and focus, and this content needs to be sourced, sorted, curated, and categorized for use by congregations and its leaders and members. The content will include material from Canadian Unitarian Universalist congregations, members and religious professionals. The content will also include Canadian events and observances specific to Canada, Indigenous Peoples, and its faith communities. 


  1. To become familiar with material that has been collected to date
  2. To search out Canadian and Unitarian Universalist content in the areas of worship, UU history and religious exploration, and Canadian-specific events and observances 
  3. In collaboration with CUC staff, to make decisions about the scope of the material to be collected
  4. To sort and curate the material
  5. To work with CUC communications and web staff to prepare the material for online access through the CUC’s website for CUC member congregations, UUs and the general public

Working Relationship 

The Contractor reports to the Executive Director, and from time to time, will consult with the UU Ministers of Canada.  


  • Familiarity with Unitarian Universalist principles and practices 
  • Knowledge of Canadian observances, religious dates, and celebrations
  • Highly competent with web and internet research and communications platforms 
  • Strong communication, writing and editorial skills
  • Highly organized with good attention to detail
  • Dependable, timely and accountable

Working conditions:

  • Home office with reliable internet connectivity
  • Computer or laptop (software upgrades, internet security, etc) will be provided by CUC if necessary
  • A set compensation amount will be offered for the work – it is estimated that 300 hours (up to 5 months) is necessary to complete the project

Please apply by October 31, 2020 to

 Volunteer Opportunities

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