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Employment Opportunities

Job Posting June 13, 2018 – Apply by July 5, 2018 to
Contract position: Six months at 30 hours/week

The Social Justice (SJ) Lead staff has overall responsibility for the social justice initiatives of the Canadian Unitarian Council. This currently includes the Truth, Healing and Reconciliation initiative, social justice action groups, and the National Social Justice Team.
The SJ Lead monitors areas of social justice in Canada and internationally which are of interest to Canadian Unitarian Universalists, including the environment, Indigenous matters, peace, racial justice, economy, gender rights, criminal justice, affordable housing, democracy, and other areas. The SJ Lead will recommend actions to be taken in any of these areas when the need arises, and will work closely with the National Voice Team on statements and letters.

The SJ Lead works with UU congregations and communities to support and enhance their social justice work, to provide connections amongst them, and to amplify local efforts whenever possible.

The SJ Lead also works collaboratively with CUC staff team members to ensure that there is a social justice lens applied to CUC programming and events, and to coordinate and plan social justice content and initiatives, especially those involving youth and young adults.

Download CUC Social Justice Lead Posting for more information.

Job Posting June 13, 2018 – Apply by July 5, 2018 to
Part-time position: 25 – 30 hours/week

The Youth and Young Adult (YaYA) Ministry role envisions a Canadian Unitarian Universalist faith where youth (14-20 years) and young adults (18-35 years) are an integral part of vibrant and resilient multi-generational communities. This role works to fulfill one of the Strategic Priorities of the CUC:
Encourage innovation and sustainability in the growth and development of UU communities, including youth and young adults, as they strive to foster a just and sustainable world and to enrich the spiritual lives of their members.
To achieve this goal, the YaYA Ministry staff is responsible for working collaboratively with youth and young adult leaders, adult allies and religious professionals in Canada to support and enhance youth and young adult ministry by:

– maintaining and enhancing a network of connections and engagement
– overseeing and coordinating youth and young adult events
– enriching and informing congregational youth and young adult ministries
– increasing awareness of and engagement with youth and young adults
– supporting leadership opportunities for youth and young adults

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Program and Events Coordinator (PEC) staff will work in coordination with the other Youth and Young Adult Ministry Co-Lead staff in this position, each with their own areas of responsibilities. This YaYA Program and Events Coordinator position focuses on event coordination and communication with youth, young adults and adults who support those ministries.

Download CUC YaYA-Program-Events Posting  for more information.

Job Posting June 13, 2018 – Apply by July 5, 2018 to
Part-time position: 20 hours/week

The Administrative Assistant will be required to perform an array of administrative duties including secretarial and financial tasks. The Administrative Assistant will mainly support the work of the Organizational Administrator and the Executive Director. Assistance with administrative needs of the CUC staff team will also be required as needed.

Download CUC Administrative Assistant Posting for more information.

Job Posting June 13, 2018 – Apply by July 5, 2018 to
Part-time position: 20 hours/week

The Communications Manager has overall responsibility for overseeing the creation of a positive image and branding of the Canadian Unitarian Council for member congregations, stakeholders, and the general public. This includes the creation and implementation of a communications strategy, content creation and updates for the CUC website, social media management, creation of letters and media statements, publicity, highlighting resources for congregations and leaders, email groups management, and newsletter creation and publication.

Download CUC Communications Manager Posting for more information.

Job Posting June 13, 2018 – Apply by July 5, 2018 to
Part-time position: average of 5-10 hours/week

The Web Manager has overall responsibility for maintaining the Canadian Unitarian Council’s website, web and social media tools, for gathering information and making decisions relating to web issues, and for making recommendations that relate to design issues, updates and security.

The Web Manager is also responsible for back-end maintenance and support of the CUC website, including event form creation, and subscription updates.

Download CUC Web Manager Posting for more information.


 Volunteer Opportunities

Please check back for upcoming volunteer opportunities with the CUC.