Confluence Lecture SeriesCandles in a heart shape

Canadian-Unitarian-Liturgical-Calendar The Confluence Lecture Series is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada (UUMOC), and presented by a chosen minister at the CUC’s National Conferences. The lecture topics are often provocative, always thoughtful, and usually aligned with the theme of the conference at which is was delivered.

Confluence Lectures by Year

2016 Rev. Melora Lynngood And They Will Know We Are UU by Our Love Video Link
2015 Rev. Dr. Stephen Atkinson Spirit: The Necessary Foundation of Social Justice
2014 Rev. Jeff Brown and Rev. Carly Gaylor The Church of Our Imagination
2013 Rev. Shawn Newton The Risks of Relevance
2012 There was no Confluence Lecture at the Symposium
2011 Rev. Diane Rollert Answering Paul Bramadat: A Minister’s Reflection on Post-Secularism, Expanding Dialogues and the Value of Myths
2010 Rev. Jane Bramadat and Rev. Wayne Walder Generosity
2009 Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Experience of “Transcending Mystery”
2008 Rev. Meg Roberts and
Rev. Brian Kiely
Can Eco-SpiritUality Grow Eco-JUUstice?
2007 Rev. Christine E. Hillman The “H” Word
2006 Rev. Peter Boulatta Many Words for Snow: Canadian Unitarianism in the Twenty-First Century
2005 Rev. Susan Van Dreser Allergies and Antigens: Belief, Doubt and Humility in Unitarian Universalism
2004 Rev. Ray Drennan Canadian Unitarianism: An Idea of a PossibilityConfluence-Lecture-2004-Drennan
2003 Rev. Dr. John W. Baros-Johnson Confluence-Lecture-2003-Baros-Johnson