CUC Annual General Meeting 2024 Plenary (online)

Wednesday, May 15, 2024: 4:00 pm PT | 5:00 pm MT | 6:00 pm CT | 7:00 pm ET | 8:00 pm AT | 8:30 pm NT (1.5 hours)

Two plenary sessions will be held to discuss the updated motions. Each will have a similar format, so you can sign up for either session.

While no changes will be made at this time, this is an opportunity for discussion and to ask questions. Click on the link below to attend either session. 

Saturday, May 1110:00 am PT | 1:00 pm ET (1.5 hours)
Wednesday, May 154:00 pm PT | 7:00 pm ET (1.5 hours)

Updated motions and AGM information can be found here

Delegate registration: To register your congregation’s approved delegates, please fill out this separate form by May 15, 2024.

AGM registration for everyone: Everyone who is attending the online AGM needs to register on the AGM form. After you complete registration, you will receive information about attending the AGM. Delegates also need to fill in this general registration form.