Friday, May 20, 5:00 pm– Monday, May 23, 12:00 pm PST

Hosted by the Vancouver Unitarians – 949 W 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Save the date – CanUUdle is back! 

CanUUdle is the annual conference (“con”) for Canadian Unitarian Universalist youth ages 14-19 and their adult advisors (ages 25+). It’s a youth-led con where youth and adults create an amazing community, worship together, attend workshops, play and grow as spiritual beings. 

After two years of CazUUm (an all-virtual youth con in the spirit of CanUUdle) due to the pandemic, we are hosting an in-person national youth conference in May 2022. Although the con will be primarily based on in-person activities, there will be some opportunities for online participation as well. 


The theme is Mystery and Magic with an emphasis on seeking the mystery and magic within our own lives. Unpack your wands, wings and capes – a magical weekend of being together in community again after all this time awaits! Get ready for the mystery of CanUUdle and the magic of creating lifelong memories.

See the Schedule-At-A-Glance

Staff Team 

CanUUdle is planned and run by an amazing volunteer team of youth and adults. These are your CanUUdle Staff for 2022: 

  • Youth Dean: Calum Kwan (Vancouver) 
  • Worship Coordinator: Siobhan Fichtner-Jack (Saskatoon) 
  • Activities Coordinator: Hannah Lee Poy-Paxman (Montreal) 
  • Chalice Circle Coordinator: Open!
  • Community Captain: Charlotte Moon (New Westminster)
  • Social Media Coordinator: Open! 
  • Tech Wizard: Dylan Hahn (Vancouver) 
  • Youth Chaplain: Lea Bomford-Moore (Vancouver)
  • Adult Chaplain: Tim Murphy (Indianapolis) 
  • Advisor’s Advisor: Casey Stainsby (Victoria, CUC Staff)
  • CanUUdle Coordinator – CUC Staff: Carter Mahoney (Victoria) 

Some positions are still open! Contact if you’d like to help out! 

There will be opportunities for others to contribute to the con in small yet important ways, such as facilitating small groups (Chalice Circles, formerly known as Touch Groups) and leading short energy breaks with a stretch, a song, or something silly! Look for the sign-ups on your registration form.  

Adult Advisors 

CanUUdle is for advisors, too! Learn more about what’s involved with being an adult advisor at this con on the Adult Advisors page. Adult Advisors need to have a Congregational Involvement Form submitted on their behalf by a church staff or board member. 

Our host site: the Vancouver Unitarians 

We are very grateful to the Vancouver Unitarians for hosting us and providing volunteer support! 

Costs for CanUUdle are kept low because our accommodations are not fancy – we will be sleeping in the church building! Most of us will sleep on the floor, so bring your own bedding. A few couches are available for those who need them. Those who live locally are welcome to sleep at home. 

Bridging Events & Chorus 

Chorus is the sibling conference for young adults (18-35 year olds) that happens alongside CanUUdle. At some point during the weekend, CanUUdlers and Choristers will get together to mark the important transition of bridging, when members of our communities move between youth and young adulthood, as well as those who are entering the youth community and those ageing out of the young adult community. These events include a special catered dinner and activities for bridging youth to get to know the young adults, as well as the Bridging Ceremony. 

Advisors who are within the YA age range (25-35) are also welcome to attend these events. Youth who would like to bridge this year should indicate this on their registration form. Bridging is about life stage, not age – you are welcome to bridge as many times as feels right for you. 

Online Participation 

Although the con will be primarily based on in-person activities, there will be some opportunities for online participation as well. 

Participating virtually in CanUUdle XXII means:
– Being invited to the CanUUdle Discord server, where you can interact with other youth and advisors who are attending both virtually and in-person;
– Being part of an online Chalice Circle, a small group that will meet a few times over the weekend using a private channel in the Discord server (schedule to be determined);
– Being invited to participate in the YOB Workshop on Saturday (3-4pm PDT) on Zoom, and to watch the Bridging Ceremony on Sunday (2:30-3:30pm PDT). Links will be shared in Discord.

Fill out the Virtual Participant Registration Form

Covid Safety 

Read FAQs about the decision to host CanUUdle and Chorus in-person

Learn more about the CUC’s COVID-19 Safety Guidance. A detailed safety plan especially for CanUUdle will be in place. 

We ask that those who have access to rapid tests (ie. through their schools) bring an unused test with them to be taken upon arrival at the church. We will have some tests available for those who need them, for volunteers, and to use in the case that someone develops concerning symptoms. 

Proof of Vaccination – All participants are required to submit proof of full vaccination (or proof of medical exemption) by Monday, May 2. Please email a copy of your proof of vaccination along with an image of your photo ID to Youth 18 and under do not need to provide photo ID. 

Proof of vaccination could be: a provincially-issued vaccine card, a federally-issued proof of vaccination, or your wallet-sized immunization record card. You are considered fully vaccinated if you have had 2 doses (12 year olds are considered fully vaccinated with 1 dose). 

More information about proof of vaccination in BC (note that while the Province of BC is not requiring proof of vaccination to enter businesses, events and services beginning in April, the CUC is keeping this requirement for now) 

More information about federal proof of vaccination 

While it is very unlikely this event will be cancelled, we always recommend booking travel that is refundable or exchangeable when possible. 

Cost & Financial Support

Registration is offered on a tiered sliding scale, from $0 – $145. The cost per person to run this event is $115. If any cost would be a barrier to you to attend, you are more than welcome to select $0. If you are able to pay more than the middle tier, your contribution helps to cover the cost for those who cannot pay as much. 

Subsidies are available to help with travel costs to and from this event. Learn more about the Dawning Future Youth and Young Adult Subsidy Fund. Applications must be received by April 18th. 


Learn more about CanUUdle 

RSVP to the Facebook event to see updates! Follow the CanUUdle Instagram page (@canuudle) to meet the staff team and hear about new CanUUdle developments! 


Carter Mahoney is our CanUUdle Coordinator, a contract staff position that supports con planning and logistics. Contact Carter about anything related to the CazUUm program and logistics.

Casey Stainsby is the CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry staff who supports youth and young adult programs and events. Contact Casey with questions about the registration process, forms, age range, rules and policies.

Registration Notes 

Maximum number of registrants: 40
Minimum number of registrants: 20 

Youth under 18 no longer need to provide an Informed Consent Form, as these permissions are now included within the registration form. 

This registration form also includes a new Photo/Video Consent section, according to our updated Photo/Video Safety Policy for Minors. If you have any questions about this new policy, please contact 

Youth/Advisor Matches: CUC youth events with an overnight component require a youth: adult ratio of 8:1, as per our Youth Safety Policies. All youth (regardless of age) are required to have a sponsoring advisor attend the event along with them. If you aren’t sure exactly which youth you will be sponsoring, or if you are registering a youth without a confirmed advisor, simply note this on the registration form and CUC staff will be in touch before the event to help match you with someone, if needed. 

Don’t forget to click the final “Submit” button at the end of the form, and watch for the confirmation email. If you don’t get a confirmation, your form may not have been properly submitted. 

Registration deadline: Sunday May 1, midnight PT 

Registration Open Until May 8th

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