Un-colonize Climate Justice: Kickoff Event

Wednesday September 7 – 4 pm PT | 5 pm MT | 6 pm CT | 7 pm ET | 8 pm AT | 8:30pm NT (2 hours)

Join us for the kick off of our congregational year focused on un-colonizing our climate justice movements.  At this event you’ll learn:

  •  the difference between colonizing, un-colonizing, and decolonizing
  •  how Western worldview is showing up within our climate actions
  •  how the Land Back movement is advocating for change.

We will be joined by one of the CUC Elders and guests, Arthur Hills of Emmanuel United Church in Waterloo, and Dave Skene of White Owl Native Ancestry Organization in Kitchener who participated in a Land Back exchange.


Erin Horvath is the CUC’s Social Justice lead. Erin has over 20 years of experience addressing injustices through community building, social entrepreneurship, environmental, arts-based and collaborative initiatives within the not-for-profit, private, educational, health, and community sectors, in particular with rural and First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario. She served as a member of the Boreal Ontario working group for the Forest Stewardship Council and spent several years working as a Landuse Planner with two First Nations in Northwestern Ontario giving her unique experience with how the perspectives of colonial governments, settler environmentalists, and First Nations interact. Within her local climate justice movement and her work with the CUC she is eager to help people weave together their approaches to climate justice and right relations with Indigenous peoples in a way that is decolonizing and healing for people and the planet. 

We highly encourage at least one person from each group/congregation to attend.  A minimum of 30 people must register by August 24, 2022 in order for this event to proceed. 

Registration fees: $25
Proceeds go to pay our Elders and Guests

Registration Form – Register before September 7th

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