Are you interested in becoming a facilitator for the CUC Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation Reflection Guides? 

Please take special note about the facilitation training and its requirements. We approach this work knowing that we are all learning how to walk the path of reconciliation – in short, none of us are experts. We know that true reconciliation comes from the creation of safe space in order to engage in authentic dialogue. The materials used in the Reflection Guides are complex and the activities and group facilitation requires skill. This topic is sensitive in nature and facilitators need to be able to respond to sensitive group dynamics and responses to the material being provided.

For that purpose, we require facilitators to have a basic understanding of our approach to this work. Congregational approval and a $25.00 participation fee will be required to register for the training. Congregational support means that your minister or religious educator knows that you have signed up for the facilitation training and are in agreement that you’d make a good facilitator in this area.

April 14 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

Phone:(888) 568-5723