Inclusivity Forum Session 5: Welcoming People of All Ages

Wednesday, November 2 – 4 pm PT | 5 pm MT | 6 pm CT | 7 pm ET | 8 pm AT (2 hours)

As part of the CUC’s commitment to dismantling systemic barriers to full inclusion, the Social Justice Team has planned two more Inclusivity Forums, a FREE series that will focus on:

  • Becoming more conscious of privilege, power, and biases
  • Practice noticing our own discomfort that arises when our beliefs, opinions, biases are challenged, and our responses to it
  • How to shift out UU culture and communities to be more aware and intentionally inclusive

This forum will focus on the experiences of UUs of All ages. This includes, but is not limited to, folks who:

– are stereotyped according to your age/generation (for example, people assuming you will want to do/not want to do or be good/bad at certain activities or volunteer roles)
– are asked to represent the perspective of your age group
– feel that you are valued more for your age than for your unique personal qualities
– feel isolated because the collective UU culture does not reflect your age demographics goals, visions, beliefs etc.
– are excluded from a group, event, decision making due to your age (not including youth only events)
– choose not to attend groups, events, decision making, etc., because it’s not enjoyable, relevant or interesting

The focus of the forum is informed conversation, not education. In this way it is different from a workshop where you show up to be taught. It is your responsibility to do the depth of education you need to engage in an informed and compassionate conversation about this type of inclusion. Educating ourselves ensures that those experiencing exclusion do not need to educate those with privilege or endure expressions of ignorance.

Materials will be shared with registrants in advance. At the forum, we’ll discuss how UU communities can become more inclusive. The CUC’s Responsibility Covenant will be used to promote safety for all in attendance. A caucus group will be available for those who experience exclusion due to their gender expression or gender identity should they prefer to discuss together.
Register by SEPTEMBER 21 to receive your materials and so that we have an indication of who is attending. Late registrants must email to receive your pre-package materials.

Inclusivity Forum Session 5: Ageism – Deadline: October 18, 2022