Gathered Here

Gathered Here is a monthly online check-in for Canadian Unitarian Universalist young adults.

Join other UU 18-35-year-olds on Zoom (a video-conferencing platform) for sharing of joys and concerns, deeper check-ins, prayerful reflections, and an opportunity to process current events with a spiritually grounded community. 

This year we are focusing on getting to know each other. Young adulthood can be a time of upheaval and transition and many of us struggle to maintain and build connections in the places we find ourselves physically. While there is no substitute for in-person community, we hope that the opportunity to connect online with other young UUs will be a reminder to you that you’re not alone. It’s also a chance to reconnect with friends who live far away, and witness and celebrate the ups and downs of our lives alongside each other. 

These are drop-in style gatherings, so you don’t need to sign up in advance. On the days you want to attend, just settle into a comfortable spot with your computer or smartphone, sign in to Zoom at the scheduled time, and bring your whole self for the hour and a quarter. 

Gathered Here has a new schedule for Spring 2020: 

Thursday, April 30, 9 pm ET- Join at

Monday, May 4, 8 pm ET – Join at
Monday, May 25, 2 pm ET-  Join at

Confirmed summer dates are June 8, July 13 and August 10 at 8 pm ET, though more may be added.