Lay Chaplaincy Resources For Congregations

Program Guidelines

Fee Assessment Information

In order to subsidize lay chaplaincy training and enrichment opportunities, a fee is assessed for each rite of passage performed by lay chaplains; these fees are collected into the Lay Chaplain Training Fund and used for training.


Lay chaplaincy program evaluation kits:

Recruiting Lay Chaplains

*Please revise to suit the needs of your congregation

Lay Chaplaincy Application Process*

Only member congregations can apply to the CUC on behalf of prospective lay chaplains. Please consult the Lay Chaplain Manual for detailed instructions on how to register Lay Chaplains. The following Checklist and Flowchart offer a summary of the process for registering lay chaplains.

*Please note that the process is different in Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, where congregations may apply directly to the province to register lay chaplains.

Application Forms

If at all possible please use the online forms or download the files and submit by e-mail. With the exception of the registration form for Ontario Marriages, please do not print and mail forms unless necessary.

  • Lay Chaplain Registration and Endorsement On-line Form: To be filled out by Congregation Contact Person/Lay Chaplain Supervisor NOT the prospective Lay Chaplain
  • Additional Form for Ontario (pdf)To be filled out by the Lay Chaplain (original signed copies to be sent to CUC office). Please note that this Ontario Government form has to be mailed in as Vital Statistics needs original signatures. It also needs to be signed by a witness – this can be a member of your board or congregation.

If you are not able to use the online forms, please mail/email these forms to the CUC Toronto Office:

RE: Lay Chaplaincy
Canadian Unitarian Council
215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

Renewal Form

If you need assistance or more information, send an email to

Cancel License

Use the following form when wanting to cancel a lay chaplain’s license.

Canadian Unitarian Council Lay Chaplaincy Resolutions

Lay Chaplaincy Resolution – 2012 in two parts:

  1. One-year term extension for lay chaplains in small, lay-led congregations in specific circumstances; and
  2. Reappointments for lay chaplains in small, lay-led congregations according to certain criteria.

Lay Chaplaincy Recommendations Review Report – 2008