Live your values out loud and in community. Our open-minded, open-hearted spiritual congregations are waiting to welcome you. Together we love, learn, hope, worship, and celebrate. Together we work for justice, compassion, and transformation. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever you bring, come discover us!

Who we are

Unitarian Universalists are people of all ages, all races and colours, all genders and sexual orientations, all abilities and ways of moving in the world. We have many ways of naming the sacred, and many beliefs about divinity and “higher power.” And we are united by our values, our broad and inclusive outlook, and our commitment to love and justice.

Our living tradition draws on six Sources of inspiration, and our eight Principles serve as strong values and moral guides. In Unitarian Universalism you can bring your whole heart, your identity and traditions, as we learn from and encourage each other in putting our faith into action.

Living our welcome

Unitarian Universalists are committed to justice and inclusion. Our tradition has been at the forefront of welcoming people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and gender-nonconforming, and nearly all our congregations are certified Welcoming Congregations. We work for racial justice and for truth, healing, and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We welcome people from all racial, religious, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds, and want to learn what you have to teach us, from your background and experience. We want to include you in our faith community, where shared values are more important than shared beliefs.

What we do in worship services

Our Sunday services are opportunities to reflect on what is important, to honour the sacred and ineffable, to be challenged and comforted, to laugh and sing and share. We enjoy music and offer religious exploration programs for young people and people of all ages. Find out about our worship and faith practices, and visit a congregation to experience them!

Other things we do

Community doesn’t just happen for an hour or two on Sundays! On any day of the week you might find discussion groups, drum or chant circles, choruses and chorales, book clubs, walking groups, coffee houses, or communal cooking groups. Youth or young adults might be gathering to play games or plan a Sunday service. Activists work for social and environmental justice. And congregations get together for regional events, as well as our national conference.

Find a congregation near you

Every congregation has its own networks of action, community, and caring! Look for a congregation near you. You can also participate in online events, webinars, and discussions organized by the Canadian Unitarian Council. If you aren’t able to visit a local community, you can explore the Church of the Larger Fellowship, a Unitarian Universalist congregation with no geographical boundary that connects people all over the world for spiritual growth, worship, learning, and mutual support.