Announcing the Rev. Rod Fund for Youth and Young Adults!

July 8, 2024

We are thrilled to rename the “Dawning Future Youth and Young Adults Subsidy Fund” in honour of Rev. Rodrigo Emilio Solano-Quesnel, who tragically passed away in a road accident on July 11th, 2023. Rev. Rod was deeply involved in congregational ministry and pivotal in nurturing YaYA (Youth and Young Adult) leadership within the Unitarian and Universalist community.

Rev. Rod has made a significant and lasting impact on our national Unitarian and Universalist community:

  • Board of Trustees: For six years, Rev. Rod served as a Director on the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Board of Trustees. His appointment as board Secretary in May 2023 demonstrated his commitment to shaping the future of our faith.
  • Mentoring and Advocacy: Rod mentored the Youth Observers on the Board, advocating for their voices and perspectives. His insight, level-headed wisdom, humour, and compassion enriched our community.
  • Inclusivity and Care: Rod provided essential support as a Pastoral Care team member for young adults. He also facilitated discussions on dismantling racism and promoting inclusivity.
  • Crafting the 8th Principle: Rev. Rod’s integrity and passion were instrumental in shaping the CUC’s 8th Principle, reflecting his dedication to justice and equity.

Sarah Wert, Rod’s partner, is thrilled by the news of the renaming. “Rod’s commitment to supporting UU youth and young adults was really important. Thank you for renaming the subsidy Fund in Rod’s honour; I see it as a moving way to honour Rod’s contributions and to keep his legacy of love and hope flowing into the future,” she said.

Rod’s mentorship of the Youth Observers to the Board (YOB) left an impression on them. “Rev. Rod was a kind, fun, and friendly individual who always ensured the youth had their voices heard,” said Liv Gardiner, who was YOB from 2018-2020. “As YOB, I had the privilege of working closely with him. He was the first person I connected with on the board, and went out of his way to create a comfortable environment for me. We bonded over our love of music and the ukulele. I cherished the moments we got to know each other, over Zoom and in person, and shared updates about our lives between meetings.”

Fiona Butler from Saskatoon was YOB from 2020-2022, during the years of the pandemic. She reflects, “Rev. Rod was one of the biggest youth and young adult community supporters. He was always happy to offer support, and his care for the youth and young adult communities is so dearly missed.

I’m so glad to hear Rod is being honoured in this way; I think it’s very fitting and a great reminder of all he did for the youth and young adults.”

Donate to Honour Rev. Rod: We invite you to contribute to the Rev. Rod Fund, which directly supports YaYA’s growth and leadership. Your generosity ensures that Rod’s legacy of love and hope inspires future generations. To donate or learn more, visit our donation page.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Rev. Rod’s remarkable contributions and ensuring his impact lives on.

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