Financial Webinars with Clyde Harris, CUC Bookkeeper – Part 2 and 3
All webinars from 7:30-8:30 pm ET
Cost: $10 each

November 21: Financial Records – This session delves into the necessity of financial records, what is acceptable to Canada Revenue Agency, and some of the uniqueness of records for charities. Record retention will also be discussed. Beyond financial records, other records must also be kept; Clyde will explore how these records fit together for a complete picture of the charity.
Of interest to congregational treasurers, administrators, bookkeepers and presidents.

January 23: Charitable Property Rentals – In this session, the discussion will include whether charities should rent out their property, and why this should or should not happen. How do charities gain the most from property rentals, and still protect the charity? The discussion will include insurance requirements and a property rental policy.
Of interest to congregational treasurers, property managers, administrators, bookkeepers and presidents.


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