8th Principle Process: Forum 1

Sunday, October 3, 4 pm PT | 5 pm MT | 6 pm CT | 7 pm ET | 8 pm AT (1.5 hrs)

This is the second in the CUC’s Dismantling Racism and 8th Principle 4-session forums. These are an introspective journey building momentum towards being truly inclusive, deepening our understanding of what it means to dismantle racism, and practicing how to show up in a way that honours what we have been asked to do by our members of colour. The forums will help prepare us for making a significant decision at the Special Meeting on November 27th.

The forums are cumulative and each one will build on the one before it, and participants can attend these as a series or as stand-alone sessions. Please access these videos and preparatory material BEFORE your participation in the forums. If you are not able to access the videos before the forums, we invite you to show up as a silent observer until you’ve had a chance to go through all the videos.

These forums are offered as a way for congregations to engage fully in conversation without having to organize their own discussions and to hear from others across the country.

Text in graphic: Affirming the Need, Strengthening Our Resolve
– represents how we choose to respond to the burning issues of our time – with an open hand of acceptance or a closed fist of resistance?
– question to ourselves: how am I responding?

All forums take place on Sundays at 7pm ET:
Forum II: October 3 Zoom
Forum III: October 17 Zoom
Forum IV: November 7 Zoom