Young Adults (18 – 35)

What is a young adult?

sitting group of young adultsGood question! Young adulthood is not a fixed category, but within Unitarian Universalist (UU) communities, you are considered a young adult if you are between the ages of 18 and 35, inclusive. This is a large age range that includes many different life stages and needs: you may be going to school, moving out or moving away, starting a new job, dating, partnering, or becoming a parent. Young adult ministry at the Canadian Unitarian Council seeks to meet you wherever you are, supporting you and learning from and with you. We value your voice and welcome your contributions to Unitarian Universalism and our larger society.

How do young adults gather?

young adults gatheredUU young adults find connection in congregations, camps, social events, and discussion groups, as well as online. You might participate in a campus ministry group or a children’s playgroup, get together for weekly brunches or go on a retreat. Whenever we meet, our UU young adult community offers mutual support and friendship.

Young adult events: Regional and national young adult events offer opportunities for connection, spiritual exploration, and supportive community. The CUC events calendar lists all upcoming CUC young adult events. Choose the category ” Young Adult”.


The annual national young adult gathering is held yearly. Young adults will hold worship services, programming, and social events and will also join in multigenerational activities.


We want you to be able to join us! The Youth and Young Adult Subsidy Fund helps young adults with registration and travel costs for all UU events and conferences. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through our easy online form. Visit the subsidies page to read more and apply.


Get connected, share stories, ask questions. Join Facebook groups and regional and national email lists that will keep you in the know about upcoming events and programs.

Young adults connect postcard


Resources for young adult ministry

Learn how to grow and develop a vibrant, safe, and spiritual young adult ministry in your congregation.  The CUC offers resources and best practices for young adults, religious exploration professionals, and congregations.