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Email Discussion Groups (e-lists)

Sponsored by or supported by CUC Staff, Board, Volunteers

  • CUC Administrators: a space for Canadian UU congregational administrators to share information, ask questions, have discussions and pass on best practices. It is also a space for CUC staff to communicate with administrators.
  • CUC Delegates:  for delegates and leaders to discuss matters arising at the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Annual General Meeting.
  • CUC Lay Chaplains: for current lay chaplains, chairs of congregational lay chaplain committees, & CUC’s national Lay Chaplain Committee. It’s used to make announcements, share news, & foster discussion & connecting among lay chaplains.
  • CUC Leaders: for current presidents, ministers and leaders – used for sharing information from CUC Board and staff, discussion and sharing among leaders.
  • CUC Money: to facilitate conversation regarding money issues in our Canadian UU faith community. Of interest to treasurers and those concerned with finances and financial practices.
  • CUC Newsletter Editors: for editors of Canadian Unitarian congregations, and  a way for CUC staff to communicate with editors/webweavers about matters of interest to congregational members for inclusion in newsletters and websites, and for editors to communicate amongst themselves.
  • CUC Refugee Sponsors: for those engaged in refugee sponsorship to share information, post resources, ask questions, problem solve, and share challenges and successes.
  • CUC Religious Educators: For current and past professional Canadian Unitarian Universalist religious educators to network; share news, ideas and resources; and support one another. Owned by the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) and jointly managed with members of the Canadian UU Religious Educators (CUURE) Chapter of LREDA.
  • CUC Social Responsibility: brings together Unitarian Universalists who are committed to social justice. It will be used as a forum for sharing information, linking people, discussion, and exploring ideas. Email for information about other social responsibility groups.
  •  CUC UU-UNO: for those Canadians interested in the Unitarian-Universalist United Nations Office.
  • CUC Young Adults: An announcement list for Canadian Unitarian Universalist young adults. Stay tuned into upcoming events, programs and more.
  • CUC Youth Advisors: An announcement and discussion list for Youth Advisors and adults involved in youth ministry in Canadian UU congregations.

Email if you have questions about these groups.