Annual Program Contribution

Annual Program Contributions from member societies constitute over 70% of the operating revenues of the CUC. They provide the CUC with the revenue and the cash flow that it needs to run throughout the year. The CUC recognizes “Honour Societies” who provide information by our published deadlines and make regular, timely payments of their full fair share throughout the fiscal year.

Annual Program Contributions: A Different Method of Calculation

Kristina Stevens, the CUC Board’s previous Treasurer, led a conversation and, with the help of a task force, to look into a different method of calculating Annual Program Contributions (APC) for congregations. This was spurred in part by anecdotal information that some congregations were finding it onerous to send a per member fee for their members, as well as by the decrease in contributions coming from congregations to the CUC. Over two years, the APC Task Force looked at several methods of calculation and impacts on congregations and the CUC. One of the vital criteria for a new method is that it has to be equitable and sustaining both for congregations and the CUC. The Task Force made a recommendation to the CUC Board to base the new APC calculation on a percentage of a congregation’s operating budget.

However, based on further feedback from congregations that this method of payment would be challenging to calculate, the decision was put on hold while further options are explored. A second phase task force, led by current treasurer, Tanya Cothran, continues to examine alternate methods and the impact it would have for congregations and the CUC. Annual updates will be provided at the CUC’s Annual General Meetings.

Annual Program Contribution Update