ACM 2015 – Ottawa

Seeking Justice in a Changing Land

 Time / Location: May 15 to 17, 2015 – Ottawa – Ontario

Theme: Seeking Justice in a Changing Land / À la recherche de la justice sur une terre changeante


  • Knight Award Recipient:  Barbara & John Taylor
  • Confluence Lecture: Spirit: The Necessary Foundation of Social Justice by Rev. Dr. Stephen Atkinson | Confluence Lecture-Rev. Dr. Stephen Atkinson (pdf) | audio MP3
  • Keynote: A Musical Experience with Matt Meyer by Matt Meyer
  • Sunday Worship Sermon: The Refuge of Three Rivers by Rev. John Marsh and Jacob Caines
    • Sunday Service Offering Recipients: Minwaashin Lodge – Aboriginal Women’s Support Centre and Child Haven International. (see all ACM offering recipients)
  • CanUUdle XV: ToUUch the Earth
  • Pictures

Annual General Meeting: