Kenzie Love – Writer

A graduate of Western University’s (London, ON) journalism program, Kenzie enjoys the chance to bring his background in journalism and English literature to the writing and research he does for the CUC. Kenzie possesses a love of language and an innate curiosity that serve him well in this position. Kenzie wrote for several local publications in Calgary before switching to communications, in which he also works for the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation.

Kenzie first came to Calgary Unitarians as a child, and has served his congregation in many capacities in recent years, including youth advisor, ministerial internship committee member, and board secretary. He also enjoys choral music, and is a longtime member of the LGBTQ2S+ choir One Voice Chorus.

In his role as a writer for the CUC, he serves our national UU community by:

  • Researching, writing and editing for the eNews
  • Assisting with social media posts
  • Conducting research and other tasks to support the work of the CUC

Kenzie’s work profiling Canadian congregations and ministers has shown him the full spectrum of diversity on display within Canada’s UU community and affirmed his commitment to the faith for the chance it offers to belong to something bigger than himself. He appreciates Unitarian Universalism for the sense of hope it provides amidst a world facing so many challenges, and the support of a community to share in both life’s sorrows and joys.

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