Amber Dawn Bellemare – Truth, Healing & Reconciliation Programming Coordinator, and Special Events Coordinator 

Amber Dawn Bellemare is a multimedia performance artist, a coordinator, a connector, and a fiercely spirited person. Her Communications and First Peoples studies prompted her to produce and direct documentaries with Indigenous communities, most notably the Inuit population in Nunavik, Canada. In addition to honing her creativity with various forms of digital art (videography, photography, editing), Amber has spent recent years opening up the discourse around sex work, empowering other women, and creating platforms to further advance these goals. An individual who helps foster valuable and meaningful connections between others, she founded a nonprofit women’s art collective, The WolfLab, where members connect on a deeper level via networking, resource sharing, and collaborating. Her range of artistic and professional pursuits prove that as individuals, we need not be classified and stuck in one category. Now the Program Coordinator of the CUC’s Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation (THR) Initiative, Amber was also an original member of the initial THR task force. In that member’s role, Amber first wrote the Young Adult Reconciliation Reflection Guide, and then became the administrator for the initiative. As the THR Program Coordinator, Amber engages with congregations and UUs by:

  • supporting congregations in their active pursuit to repair the harm that has been caused by participating in colonization through the curation, creation and facilitation of educational experiences that address decolonization, Indigenous sovereignty, accountability, and racial justice
  • developing the annual national “Reconciliation through Film Guide”
  • facilitating nationwide focus groups
  • assisting facilitators and congregations with their THR Reflection Guide engagement
  • hosting traditional teaching circles with our Elders-in-residence and other special guest speakers. 

Amber is grateful to additionally serve her UU community with her skills as a video and photo content creator, and coordinates the CUC’s Special Events like National Sunday Services.

Originally from Sarnia, ON and having lived across the continent, she now resides in Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal.

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