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Truth and Reconciliation

TRC-CUC-UUMOC-Expression-of-Reconciliation-March-2014On March 29th, 2014 Rev. Meg Roberts and Dr. Gary Groot presented an Expression of Reconciliation to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the final event in Edmonton, Alberta. Representing the UU Ministers of Canada and the Canadian Unitarian Council, Rev. Roberts and Dr. Groot also offered a chalice (made by Wade Stephen Baker, a Kwakiutl artist) as a symbol of solidarity and Unitarianism, to light the way to truth.

Congregations were invited to read the Expression of Reconciliation at Sunday services, and a number have done so. If your congregation hasn’t yet had a chance to do so, the full Expression and the adapted reading are available for download below. The Truth and Reconciliation events were webcast and can be viewed on the TRC website at

At the UU United Nations Spring Seminar in New York, the Expression was part of the keynote speech delivered by Vyda Ng, CUC Executive Director on April 3rd. The seminar on the Rights of Indigenous peoples has brought together youth and adults from around the world to learn more about Indigenous Peoples and the role of the UU community in walking the path of justice with them. The keynote also featured Rev. Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and Douglas Cardinal, Canadian Aboriginal architect who is well known for his organic and flowing designs, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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