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Tips for Intentionally Inclusive Congregations

12038233_10152979331546076_8961255614265893081_n[1]What Does Your Weekly Bulletin Say About You?

It is easy to become so used to your weekly bulletin that you don’t see it in the same way a visitor might. Here are some ideas that will help ensure others are able to use your weekly bulletin as a doorway into your congregation.

  • Keeping in mind that many visitors will keep the Order of Service, make sure you include your Worship time, your address and your web and social media information. This makes it easier for them to learn more about you and to share with someone else.
  • A place for sermon notes. Many people think and process information by jotting down notes. Make it easy for them.
  • Vision and Mission statement; these will help someone understand who you are and what really matters.
  • A visitor information card. This should be included as a loose sheet, along with instructions indicating where it should be left. Unused cards can be recycled for future use.
  • Include an Order of Service. You members may know what is going on, but an Order of Service makes it easy for a visitor to follow along.

Click here for a full list of tips.

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