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Tips for Intentionally Inclusive Congregations

12278902_10153065790371076_1883996613640715153_n[1]Walking with Your Visitors

Visitors to your congregations might be feeling uncertain or anxious about their reception or how to behave. Remember what it’s like to walk into a new situation for the first time, like a new job or city? I remember attending my first Flow Yoga class and feeling distinctly out of sync with everyone else there – the regulars knew the intructors, knew the language of asanas and tree poses (what??), and what to wear. The instructor realized that I was new and unobstrusively kept checking throughout the class to make sure I didn’t get lost, and demonstrated moves so that I could keep up. They made me feel welcome and less awkward. That’s our job with visitors in our congregations – to have them feel welcome and comfortable enough to come back – by interpreting moves and language that might be foreign to them, by not making them feel awkward and foolish, by showing them where the washroom, nursery, coffee areas are, by helping them feel safe enough so that they don’t run away. So instead of asking “are you new here?” try “we haven’t met, my name is __; “can I introduce you to some friends? ” and “can I show you around?”

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