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2005 pride banner chaliceUnitarian Universalism (UUism) is a liberal religious faith grounded in the principle of covenant. UU communities come together in covenant of our shared principles. Our beliefs are diverse, and we walk our paths to spiritual discovery and truth together.

Unitarians are united by values rather than belief in one set of creed or dogma. Our values include acceptance of one another, compassion, and a commitment to justice and equity. We believe in exploring the mysteries of life, we believe in ethical living, we believe in living out our spirituality in this world by working for peace, justice, equality, democracy, and respect—for one another, as well as for the interdependent web of life, of which we are all a part.

We believe that it is not who or what you believe in that is important, but rather, how you live your life.

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  1. Welcome New CUC Staff! Leave a comment
  2. We are very pleased this October to welcome two new members of the CUC staff team: Joan Carolyn and Tisann McSween. Joan and Tisann are working to get caught up this week, as they join the staff team just in time … Continue reading

  3. Standing On The Side of Love Leave a comment
  4. As Unitarians who respect the inherent worth and dignity of every human being and promote the goal of a world community with peace and justice for all, we are saddened by the unnecessary loss of life, and the violence in … Continue reading

  5. “Seeking Justice in A Changing Land” – Call for Facilitators Leave a comment
  6. CUC Annual Conference & Meeting, May 15 – 17, 2015 Are you passionate about justice? Are you convinced that Canadian Unitarians can make a difference? The CUC Annual Conference and Meeting, May 15–17, 2015, in Ottawa’s theme is Seeking Justice in … Continue reading

  7. Gathering in the Fall Leave a comment
  8. Join in community with fellow UUs in your region, to learn together and share in the strengths we foster within one another. The CUC’s Regional Fall Gatherings are a chance to network, to share stories, challenges and successes face-to-face with individual UUs with … Continue reading