CUC Youth Event Forms

All forms can now be completed and signed online – we are no longer accepting paper or document forms. Please see below for the links to each form. There is also a FAQ below if you are unsure which form needs to be completed.

What forms do you need for a CUC Youth Event?

Youth under 18 need an Informed Consent Form (for online events, use this form: Informed Consent Form – Online Events) that is signed by a parent or guardian.  (2018 change: Youth no longer need to submit a Congregational Involvement Form. Youth 18 and over do not need an Informed Consent Form)

Adult advisors / sponsors need a Congregational Involvement Form signed by a church staff or board member.

For parents/guardians: Please fill out and sign the Informed Consent Form (for online events, use this form: Informed Consent Form – Online Events) for your youth. You can use one form for up to 3 youth in your household.

For DREs and church staff: Please fill out and sign a Congregational Involvement Form for all adult advisors that are attending the con and will be working with youth. It is important that you read the information in this form before endorsing this person, and ensure that they have submitted a recent Police Records Check to your congregation.  The CUC does not collect and keep police records checks.Congregations should have these on file for all volunteers.

Family members should not sign the Congregational Involvement Form for each other. 

Need more clarification about which form to sign? Please contact Casey Stainsby at or  514-295-9870.

Frequently Asked Questions about Forms:

Q: Can I still use the old Word Document permission forms?
A: No – please don’t do that. We have created the online form system to make it easier for you and reduce administration for the CUC. Please use the online forms only.

Q: Do all youth need to submit an Informed Consent form?
A: No. Starting in 2018, only youth who are under 18 must have an Informed Consent form signed by a parent/guardian. Youth who are 18 and over do not need to submit this form.

Q: I’m a parent / guardian – which forms do I sign?
A: You only need to sign an Informed Consent Form for youth in your household who are under 18.

Q: I’m a church staff or leader – which forms do I sign?
A: Please sign a Congregational Involvement Form for adult advisors attending the youth event from your congregation. You can vouch for all your adult participants on the same form. NOTE: Youth no longer need a Congregational Involvement Form!

Q: Does our congregation need to submit a Police Records Check (PRC) to the CUC for all our adult volunteers?
A: No – the CUC does not collect or keep PRCs on file for youth advisors.  However, you do need to have a PRC on file at your church for each adult volunteer that is attending the youth event and working with youth. By signing the Congregational Involvement Form, you are confirming that these volunteers have completed Police Records Checks within the last 3 years, and are recommended to work with youth.

Q: What if our youth advisors have not submitted a Police Records Check?
A: You can still complete a Congregational Involvement Form for the volunteer, and check the box that says you will make sure that they submit a PRC before the start of the event. If they do not have a current PRC (within the last 3 years), please update Asha Philar before the event to confirm that you have received the volunteer’s PRC.

Q: Do we need to complete a Congregational Involvement Form for drivers and other adult volunteers?
A: No – drivers and parents who are not participating in the youth event and who are not staying on site do not need to have a completed Congregational Involvement Form.