CanUUdle Staff

The CanUUdle Staff is a group of 10 youth and 2 adults who work together to plan the annual, national youth con. Check out the staff positions below.

Fill out the Staff Application Form!

What does CanUUdle Staff do?

CanUUdle is a youth con by and for youth. The staff team plans the con schedule, workshops, activities, worships and runs the show during the weekend. From January to May, the staff team gathers in monthly online meetings and works in small teams to plan the schedule and program. During CanUUdle, the staff collectively function as important community stewards, organizers and, most importantly, role models and leaders of the youth community.

Planning is supported by the CanUUdle Coordinator, a part-time contract staff who works with the staff team and organizes logistics. Contact the coordinator by emailing

Canuudle staff standing together 2015

Why would you want to be on CanUUdle staff?

  • To give back to our wonderful youth community by planning a con where everyone can enjoy themselves, make great friends, and explore their UU identity.
  • To develop your leadership skills, learn how to organize a big event, plan a schedule, facilitate meetings and much more!
  • To meet amazing youth and adults from across Canada and the U.S. and make long lasting friendships through the planning process.

Staff Commitment
Regardless of the size and scope of your role, everyone on staff commits to working together to collectively create and lead each year’s CanUUdle program. Plan on spending an average of 5-7 hours per month on CanUUdle planning between January and May, with a heavier commitment right before the con.

All staff commit to:

  • Participating in online planning meetings (5 meetings between January and May)
  • Maintaining regular communication with each other via the CanUUdle Staff Slack workspace, email and other means.
  • Generating ideas and a vision for the whole con
  • Following through on tasks for their staff role, and for general con planning
  • Asking for help when needed (and before deadlines are past)

CanUUdle Planning Timeline:

  • Staff application deadline: November 23 at midnight ET
  • Co-deans chosen: December 6
  • Other staff positions chosen: December 6
  • The first All Staff meeting will be a must-attend meeting between December 9 – 20
  • All CanUUdle staff are required to arrive at the CanUUdle site by 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 14.
    (one day before the Con begins) and should stay until after 3:00 pm on Monday, May 18 following the clean-up and full staff debrief.
  • All CanUUdle staff must agree to follow the CUC Code of Ethics and all CUC Youth policies.
  • Partial funding is available to subsidize the staff’s registration costs. The staff will distribute available funds among themselves based on individual needs and travel costs. We will not turn anyone away due to financial constraints! Additional funding is available through the CUC Youth and Young Adult Subsidy Fund.

Staff Roles

The staff team works collaboratively to plan the con program, but individual staff have main responsibility for their area. Download the CanUUdle Staff Roles document to see what’s involved.

CanUUdle Staff Roles (pdf)

Staff Application Form 

Please allow about 15-20 minutes to complete this application. You’ll also need 1 youth and 1 adult reference so make sure you have those before submitting it.

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