Youth Ministry

Friendship, Exploration, Service, Community, Spirituality, Growth, Support, Love, Faith

Youth Ministry at the Canadian Unitarian Council is about serving teens and young adults, ages 14-20 years old, in their spiritual, religious, and ethical formation. It is also about boisterous midnight discussions, Oreos, learning from mistakes, powerful and intimate worship, self exploration, fellowship, hilarity, Cons, acts of service and profound bonds of friendship and trust.

Youth Ministry includes direct programming offered to youth that they both participate in and, in many cases, act as co-creators of. It can also refer to the broader youth community that is created by and through that programming and at Youth Conferences and Trainings.

Youth ministry is not about youth alone. Trusted adults, usually volunteers, called advisors act as important stewards of this journey of creative ministry, helping to hold the space for youth to be empowered as they learn and grow.  Youth advisors are a vital part of youth ministry and it could not happen with out them.

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events, conferences and trainings

Canada’s Youth Ministry provides numerous opportunities to gather, to learn, and grow in our faith and community. These opportunities include local and regional conferences, capacity-building training workshops, and the annual celebration that is CanUUdle!

  • See Youth Events to learn about upcoming Cons, trainings and other opportunities


The Canadian Unitarian Council helps to connect youth, advisors and congregations with resources, policies, guidelines and best practices for congregation-based youth groups, local gatherings and Youth Cons.  We are available to support thriving youth ministry programs in congregations and beyond.


There are many ways to connect with other youth, advisors and CUC staff. You can join the Canadian Unitarian Youth Facebook Group, email the Youth Observer to the CUC Board or speak with the CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry Development staff person Asha Philar. For more ways to be in community when you are not at Con or Youth Group, check out our Youth Connect page.