Joan Carolyn

Joan CarolynCongregational Development
(BC & Western Regions)

Ms. Joan Carolyn has been an active participant with the First U. U. church of Winnipeg since early 1999 and a member since mid-2000. She is married to life partner, Ken Nicholson and shares with him two sons (Max, Alex), a daughter-in-law (Sheila) and first grandchild, Grace.

Joan has been privileged to pursue studies in World Religions and Cultural Anthropology (B.A.) as well as completing a B. Th. and M. Div. (double major, Theology and Peace Studies). Outside of the classroom, Joan seeks to continue life-long learning, both within work settings and with people and groups with whom she is privileged to interact. Of special note here are training and experience with: Conflict Resolution (5 training levels, co-founder of Thompson Mediation); Cycles of Violence and Wellness Planning and; Aboriginal Awareness (including beginning Cree).

Primary areas of work, paid and volunteer, include but are not limited to: senior services; ministry within church (formerly with Mennonites) and hospital; youth projects; mediation and; violence cessation and wellness planning with those assessed at high risk to re-offend upon release from prison.

Joan wishes to share the excitement and gratitude with which she approaches the position of Congregational Development Western and B.C. regions with the CUC. She looks forward to interacting with and learning from all she is privileged to meet.
phone: 204-960-4944

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